wow ok then . ask away and I promise to answer
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18 Responses Aug 17, 2014

May I see your bare butt please?

Dirty question huh, how do you feel about a facial

Do you swollow

Nice x

At least you are someone who is likely to *have* some experience with which to answer :P

If something is really dirty, how do I make it clean again, but without using water?

Would you watch me *** on Skype?

Your favorite toy?

When did you last pee yourself, either accidentally or on purpose? Explain the situation, did you enjoy it? Would you do it again?

What is your favorite dessert at night and breakfast in morning?

So... chocolate syrup for playing at night and coco crispys for bfast?

Glad we share good idea's ;-)

What's the most revealing outfit u have worn out and where did u go?

Have you ever used a fruit or vegetable to ********** with?

Want to swap dirty stories?

Ever done a 3 way or something with another girl?

Would you swap nudes with me in private messages??

I did once with one girl one guy

Would YOU swap pics with me??

Can you squirt


what do you do with your neighbor,that is kinky ?

What are your views on dirty conversations with strangers?

Feel free to add me if you'd like to talk

I do it, on chatous or omegle,

Add me if you want.

Add me ?

1. what noise do you make when you ***
2. have you ever been nude online to someone
3. do you like to be in control in bed or taken hard
4. describe you nips

When did u last hookup ?

When did u last ***

With a guy or ...?