Do it I'll answer anything
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do u **********...n do u love to gave a *******?

have u ****** any domestic animal?


just try give ur ***** to dog it will lick nicely just pour little milk on it.

Have you tried it in your but ;)

Wow! strange.

what color was your last poop?

Do you like getting naked

What does the Fox say?

Wanna trade pics ?

Do you like anal?

I love Annal. It is safe. This way no worry of being Pregnant. My cousin wants to merry me and I want to stay VIRGIN.

What!?! Hope this a joke

How old are you?

Too old!

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would you let a random person see you naked

what are you wearing now ?? have you ever been out pantyless in skirt ? :p

Nothing. I am Racked. Only my Scarf around me. No one near me. I am home alone.


Do you like anal sex

Would you **** a stranger on an airplane?


Would you let me kiss your *****


Have you ever spanked a baby pigeon at a medium pace inside of an abandoned McDonald's Men's Bathroom while at the same time a slightly balding yet somehow extremely muscular elderly man dunks his head in the toilet repeatedly!?...:(...:) I have no idea what I'm talking about but hi!

Wait a second , that was YOU following me last night lol - I knew someone was watching me :P

You caught me! :D I didn't even think you'd notice me wearing my classy yet somehow edible trench coat made completely from a combination of dehydrated bologna and oddly enough melted down dark chocolate candy bars...I ate like 50% of that delicious coat as I was following you:(...If I'd known you knew I was there the whole entire time I would have totally shared with you:D! My apologies and next time I'll be a better stalker I promise!!:)

show your ***** ;)


how many ******* does it take to satisfy you?


when i have oral sex with my wife should i stimulate her anus while i lick her clitirus

Have you ever peed your pants on purpose ??


This is Hacker Jonny. I mean that BAD Shah from Dinazpur.
I mean WOngpur.Don't chat. you will use your ID later.



What's the one thing u have always to try and never got a chance to?

Aww sweetheart cant you see these people are just looking to use you.. i hope very much that you are stringing them along and are a lot smarter than that... you thnk you are the one with power but if you play into their hands.. let them have pics of you.. you know surely that wwhile it may get their **** twictching you will get nothing and your pic will be discarded tomorrow or placed in the **** bank catalogue.. nameless people who mean nothing to are worth more than that

Do you send nudes?


wow sounds hot

Add me and send a nude pic I'll send you one back !!!!

What makes you think she wants one? WE can all see as many naked men on the net as we want...

add me, i want to ask you by msg

Yea yea like anyone's gonna fall for that! If you had a genuine question no reason yo cant post it here... unless its to ask a personal favour..

thank you Lady

What what in the butt

Let me see your boobs! I'll show you my *** hahah


I hope you didnt! I credit you with more sense.. at very least if he shows his *** you need to be giving only the same...your ***.. Don't let people who don't matter and who don't care about you take more than they give x

Your right mam but wouldn't it be weird if we exchanged chest pics.

Message me

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Send nudes?


Can u sent me one I'll do what ever u want

Ok private message me

Then why do call yourself. I imagined myself talking to a big car hehehehe


Send nudes to stangers on here??


Wanna swap some with me??

Only if your my brothers sex slave

What would I have to do...??? Because I'm not gay nor bi...but your hot

Let him boss you around

Fine.....but I want REALLY good pictures

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R u fat or slim


When did you last pee yourself, either accidentally or on purpose? Explain the situation, did you enjoy it? Would you do it again?

Last week I had to pee at home but couldn't make it too the bathroom

Have you ever given a *******?

Yea to my gf

Add me please - lets chat off

No u creep

Last time you had sex?


Come to Dallas and I'll fix that for you ;)