Well so many people do it, I might as well. Ask me a question.
ikasia ikasia
22-25, F
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do u love to gave a *******?

Does your guy know you want to have sex with woman and with more than 1 partner at the same time. How often do you ********** thinking about group sex.

Would you try being gang banged or mmf ********* ?

Bra and panty check type and colour?

Nothing sexy, just something comfortable, pink, blue, red, white... All the colors.

what are you wearing?

Do you like anal sex

I absolutely hate it, I've tried it for 3 sec, and I couldn't bare it, it's so painful and gives no pleasure whatsoever.

May be the guy was too rude or you were not lubedxenough

It was just too painful.

You let your *** be licked at least?

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Would you prefare
1) licked out and fingered by a girl
2) get ****** my a dude but licked out by a girl while your licking them out

BOTH! But if i really have to choose, it would be the first option.

Good choice x