You can ask me everything girls i'll answer
julien85 julien85
31-35, F
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If someone wanted you to pee on their food, would you do it? Would you let someone lick your butt clean instead of you washing it, if they wanted to? Would you let someone wipe your butt with their tongue instead of toilet paper?

How many fingers can you put in your puss y

4 maybe 5

That's sexy

What type of panties are you wearing ?

Regular pantie or thong

You a les or bi?


I am les

what do you mean by "love anything messy?" can it be filthy messy?


is that an answer to my question?


mmm, would love to be you and your lesbian lover's toilet, urinal, and valet

I love food or poop or pees in my pantie

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Will u be my mistress and do something for me

Hy yes and what thing do? In
Pv if you want