Ill answer any kinda questions ;)
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Is that your body? If it is has anyone ever licked ice cream of it?

Nah. That pic's all over the web

Yeah, those pics are usually fakes.

What do u use to Masterbte?

I would like to tie you up, blindfold you and pleasure you for a couple of hours without letting you ***. You would have to beg me and I would have you promise me lots of naughty things we would do the next time. Interested ? ;)

whats the best position you like in sex?

i added you... now we can chat with privacy...

How can I get mud off my tennis shoes?

I normally try to wipe off as much mud as I can with a towel and then throw them in the wash and dryer 😂 comes out like new

How many guys have seen your boobs?

Do u like it in the butt

Add a response...

What was ur question??

would you let me play with your ****?

ok this is true and want to know if you would ever do it... I have lady friend in 40's that loves to go to corner bars with me.. I play pool and lose her in a game near end of night.. she has to "do" who ever is there at closing. can be 5 can be 50. She LOVES IT!! and I enjoy watching her have great time... So would you?

do you enjoy having you ***** eaten out?

What is the most extreme sexual act you have ever done?

is your ***** bald,shaved,or hairy?

hmm do you taste your ***?

Add me please, I have a lot of questions for you :)

would u like to see my ****?

do u like if a man/woman is kissing and sucking your nipples?

**** yes!!!!


add me please so I can send the story

would you give me your skype id if you have one ??
we could chat maybe ;)

How often do you shave down there?

I wax regularly I like being bald down there

add me so I can send you a naughty story

Looking foward to it ;)

do you like naughty stories?

Can u send me a mirrors picture:-) @))---/-----

hey please add me . we have a awful LOT in common it seems ...we can chat all day today!

Do u ********** in public

I have done it in several places actually!!

Not many guys do but it still feels good despite whether they do or don't but when they can hit it it feels amazing!

I find it everyone, but that just comes with years of experience, and knowing how to lick, suck, and finger her sweet spot

Send me story tell me a about it

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Can you squirt

If its that good I can 😂

Really? I'll make u flood the place then. I'll be sure to drink it all up though

Bra size?

Have you ever had sex on a train.... I'd so tell me the story!!!!!

Please tell

I've actually never been on a train 😂

That's some pic love do u like getting ate out for hours

do you like older guys?

how many **** can ur ***** take at a time?

would like to take horse *** in you mouth?

Haha definitely not!

Seems like ur busy lil one but your doing good love

You ever want to run away and get laid out under the stars and get real good pump

To Slymac I have sex about a week ago with a guy

Aww thanks!

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Have u ever done anal

I have and I gotta say I'm not a fan of it 😂

are you a guy IRL?

No! I'm a legit girl 😂 why does everyone keep saying that

Do you like rimjobs

do you like to try new stuff in bed?/


Your a dude lol

Sorry I'm a girl but I'm sure there's dudes out there who would love to talk to u?

That told him high five

High five!

Do you like your men to be circumcised or Intact ? And why ?

Circumcised I just think it's more attractive!

Would you agree to live in a mans house for free if he could **** you every night?

Depends on the house and the man

awesome :) :) do you like to ********** more than 3 times a day


What's the youngest age of a guy you've slept with ?

Whats the longest time you've had sex for? ;)

have you ever got you P u S S y eaten?

oh my!

Would you let me fill you with my load?

You guy's realize this person is a homosexual male?

Guys don't care .. She's looks to good to be true ..

Thanks for the warning. Yuck

Sorry to crush ur dreams of me being an 80 year old man but I'm actually a legit girl 😂😂😂

what color was your last poop?

Pink with purple pika dots

Are you a fan of ********? Why or why not?

Whoa, i said b.l.o.w.j.o.b.s., not whatever the hell that many asterisks imply.

I don't mind giving head I actually like the sounds and facial expressions I hear and see from the guy

What do you want for dessert tonight... and for breakfast?

Will you add me? You seen like a very, very naughty girl ;)

What's the biggest taboo kink you have.

Do you like a tongue sliking over your butt area?

I do ;)

I love you more with every response you make! :D

If we met, would you let me kiss your feet?

I actually don't have really attractive feet in my opinion 😂😂but sure If u want to

How often do you **********?

I've already answered this just scroll through the comments ;)


Is co..-size important for you?

Not at all guys can do so much with or with out a big ****


Meaning toys or fingers or mouths can be used big dicks aren't nessesarry but I do very much enjoy them

Add me to see if mine could do the job?
How big do you like them?

mine big enough for you?

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your favorite fantasy?

What's the wildest thing you have ever done?

Sex in public but for me that's not very wild I just like the rush from it ;)

Where in public?

At a park or parking lot sometimes while driving or in a library that's always fun ;)

public sex is the hottest....I was seen while having sex on a beach....

Will you private message me the details

You might have to change your age to send one to me

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Send nudes?

Message me in PM??

are u virgin?

Nope ;)

how many you been with? old when you did it first

Few ex boyfriends nothing too execcive :)

you like older men?

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