Ask me anything you want ;)
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22 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Would you like a *********?


Tell me how you **********

How dirty are your dishes?

why did the chicken cross the road?

Im hre stroking it watching ****. What is the best sexual thing
you've done?

Are you any good at oral, so few ladies are?

Do you or have you swollowed

Fingers or toys?

What tastes good with Pizza but not with ***********?

Would you **** me?

Have you ever had sex in your bra and panties?

What's your favorite perverted/sexual thing to do?

OK then have you ever been fingerbanged in your *** and ***** simultaneously

Are you hairy down there?

Super sad :'(

Well, i like them to look like women and not little girls.

If your going to answer the questions with complete honesty.

How attention-starved are you?

What is the oldest guy you have had sex with?

Do you like to have sex with older guys? Is there an age limit as long as they are in good shape and can make you happy?

Do you snapchat?

Have you or would you **** an older man?

The device used to roast a pig at a luau, or a bird from the Hirundinidae family?

Are you really a horny little angle?

Lol. Btw. Great profile picture

biggest or most favorite ****** you ever had?