Ok guys only! Ask whatever dirty questions you want! See you if can make my already hard **** ooze!
andyj1987 andyj1987
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Have you ever gone commando and got an erection in public?

hi andy. can I still ask you a dirty question? do you like to **** into you jockstrap and let it dry? and you like to lick **** stained jockstraps?

if u was in the uk i whould

so when your sucking on another man and have him in the back of your throat so that you can't breathe how long do you hold him there? I like to think it's still he shoots a warm creamy load into your mouth but you tell me.


does there have to be ******* involved or just lubricant before he slowly enters you I assume


I love being rimmed it drives me wild! so I'd like some of that before he enters me

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Does it bother you that I'm a girl asking you this question? 😈


No you can ask me a something if you want to

Okay! Hmmm... How many times a week do you wash your hair? XD

Depends how often I shower lol! Joking! Umm about 4 times a week!

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pm me