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does the thought of this happening to you turn you on?
and would you let me do it to you. :p

being privately spanked to the point were your *** and ***** are visibly red and raw, then taken to a public bar and forced to slowly do a *****; eventually exposing your sore little bits so everyone can see what a naughty little **** you are that deserves and GETS punished. you'd be forced to finish off by bending over, spreading your legs and taking out your but-plug, and playing with your ***** whilst you suck your plug clean in front of the cheering, laughing crowd. You would then have a leash attached to your **** piercing and be led away down the street naked, being ordered to keep sucking the plug until you get back home. There, next to a camera, you would deposit it in a kids paddling pool filled with nothing but ****** and baby oil; which nowadays is infamously both your bedroom and workplace.

Have you ever had sex in public?

How many guys have you ****** until now?

10 or so

I'm over 200. I still remind when I was at that stage ^^

I did... no answer!!

I'm getting a lot of messages, I'm doing the best I can!