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I enjoy answering questions, from the mundane to the explicit. (I prefer the explicit, though!)

I have had quite a few great experiences in my life... a few non-so-good, and a couple of downright awful ones. But I enjoy life and generally have a positive disposition.

So... go ahead! Ask!
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Most exciting experience with another guy was having a guy ask me to *** on his ****... which I did, it triggered him to ***, then he came on my ****. Pretty cool...<br />
<br />
I have had a woman be on all fours, sucking my **** for all she was worth. Matter of fact, once I was laying down and had one woman on one side, another woman on the other side, both licking my **** at the same time. When I came, they shared it... I know, it sounds like a ***** scene, but it really happened...

Ever had your woman crawl on all fours across the bed, just so she could suck your **** 'no hands' style, until you just could not stand it one more second?<br />
Neither have I, but its my favorite fantasy.