Ask Me What Ever U Like

hey every one. hope u lot wont hold back or be shy, ask me anything naughty u want to xxx
zoe1001 zoe1001
18-21, F
81 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Do you smoke?

Sluttiest thing you have done?

Wow your such a hot little ****. How many guys you ******?

Mail / msn ... <br />
Mail/ msg me

do you enjoy scat<br />

3 things i would do, <br />
1st i would let the black guy *** in my *****.<br />
2nd **** my ***<br />
and 3rd just use me like a cheap **** x

mmm, would you like me to lick your moist ***** and erect clitty. xx

if u had/have a boyfriend, would you let himhide in the closet and invite another guy, black guy over and let your bf watch you without the other guy knowing? if so, what three things would u make sure to do in front of him?

yes i would have sex while i'm asleep xx

would you be willing to have sex while you are asleep?

Zoe, love your openess, please add me, thank you!!



um...what's your breast size? :P

yes been caught by my parents also been caught having sex by my dad.

Have you ever been caught by your parents when you were ************ ?

both x

fourse yes i do xxx

Hopefully not repeating a post, but what favorite fantasy has come true? Was it as good, better or worse than you expected?

glad i make u tingle xxxx

Would you let me be your master. Would dare to give in and live in the comfort zone of my protection, love and attention. Would you be able to fulfill all my wishes, demands and commands what ever, when ever, where ever?

Do you have any good stories about you and another girl?

omg yummy xxx

you get strapped in, then we adjust the taser so it won't hurt you, but it can give a painful little shock <br />
then the girls will taser your **** continually while guys pump your ***<br />
now i can asure you when it's my turn, i'll **** your *** hard and fast with a 9inch raging rock hard<br />
everyone will be slapping you and spitting on you and calling you apropriate names, you stupid little horny ***** beg

very very dirty x

i'm a bad dirty **** xx

good girl, i knew you would like it you little ****-ing **** <br />
would you like to hear more about it? tell me youre a bad girl

omg i would love that xx

good girl, i would like to strap you into my leather and buckles system sex swing; i have it in my ba<x>sement, it hangs from the ceiling so it's like a swing, then have a group of girls taser your *****, while guys take turns ******* your *** hard, ****# would you like that?

only when a girl was doing it x it..its my favorite thing to do...have you ever had an ****** just having you **** sucked on?

love it and makes me so horny n wet x

do you like having your breasts sucked on? how does it make you feel?

What do you think about bi guys?

no webcam x

yes i have tried it x

You are a doll! :)

right now i'm just chatting on here.<br />
yes i've given a few foot jobs.<br />
omg yes u can help xxx

Can I help you ***** off baby? :)

let me ***** off and i'll join u x

Woo Hoo! I'm naked baby! ....... meet you there! hehe! ;)

yes with u xx

with me? hehe! :) *fingers crossed*

always x

Wanna go skinnydipping baby doll? :)


yes had both xx

you will have to add me!

Ever been in a gang bang? or had the DP?

redmonster13 - yes to both xxxx

most i've had in one session is 10 guys

how many men have you let *** on your face in one session?

add me as a friend and i'll tell via pm's xx

Of course! And if they have been tested recently enough, and I trust them enough, sure. I am on The Pill.

do u ever wish u could just let them *** inside u?

I make sure my partners are tested.... they can't *** in me without condoms if I have any doubt...

got to admit that i'm not as careful as i should be x<br />
<br />
i do get tested every 8-10 months<br />
<br />
how do u protect urself?

But in general with your sex partners... what do you do to protect yourself from STDs ... crabs. etc. They are out there... AIDS and HERPES are all around...

never been a hooker just thought about.<br />

What precautions do you take against AIDS, Herpes, etc?

yes quite a few times xx

love things stretching my p ussy open<br />
<br />
yes i've blown a total stranger<br />
<br />
yes i've kissed a few guys with their *** in my mouth xx

If you could dress me as your crossdressing sex slave what would you do with me or have me do for you?

a beer bottle while holding the neck of it xx

mmmmmm or maybe everyone took turns using my p ussy

love it Sabrina.....heres one, if I had you tied down, on my desk in my office, spread eagle, would you want everyone in my office watch me **** your tight young *****???

poor Zoe, only women asking questions now... where have all the men gone?<br />
<br />
OK, here's one...<br />
<br />
What is your best fantasy about what you would do if you had any man in the world tied down and blindfolded? Totally able to do ANYTHING to him.....

just in my bra and thong x

OOooo....<br />
<br />
In the fantasy, do you start out naked or clothed?

massive group of guys n girls all using my body

Yeah.... it's exiting, isn't it.... <br />
<br />
what's ur fav. fantasy for a ************ session?

love people watching me xxx

wanked and sucked xx

There you go.... a new word for you... <br />
<br />
Do you love it when someone watches you **********?

eating *** i love x

mmm, such a lucky guy!!!! hope to see you on my bday!!!

never heard the phrase anal lingus, but might have different phrase here lol.<br />
oldest guy was 56 and it was his birthday and he was alone in the pub so me n my friend gave him a birthday treat xx

Good one SabrinaGirl....well do you???

Do you enjoy giving anal-lingus?

Who is the oldest guy you have been with and why did you do it with him???

i was 13 the first time i sucked a c o c k