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Ask any questions you want I wouldn't have added this one if I didn't enjoy talking about my past fun.
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and a good day in class so far

Well, that sounds like a lovely night you had!

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i don't really crossdress yet. i'm still new and i'd like to but i'm in a relationship and we're both quite new to the idea. i'm to a degree for it and she doesn't know yet. but i wear panties and thongs very often.<br />
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right now today i'm wearing a red lace thong and last night my mistress made me soak them in my *** so that all last night and today i could sit in it.

Hi there, do you crossdress alot? Any favorite stories about that?

YW, Diane

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thank you for the clirification

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He's just talking in broken English, but I do understand. I am German/Dutch/Africaans. He likes to share his woman with other men, as long as he is there with her while doing it. So if he's not there and she would cheat on him, without letting him know, that would bother him.<br />
I am not sure what he means with "freaksville", but most likely the internet.

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i'm confused as to what your saying... not sure there was a question,.

if i want my woman to have TOTAL sexual freedom - i.e. whoever/wherever/whenever she wants, and it is a one-way arrangement (i.e. i dont have the same freedom), SURELY it is 'a good deal'? i know it isnt normal/conventional, and it is definitely not to everybody's taste... but are there any people out there who dont instantly see this as 'freaksville'... maybe even some who empathise??!!!

Wow, cool!

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yes most commonly after mistress pegs me. through out the night

Do you regularly wear a butt plug?