Ready Or Not

Ready or not here i come, ask me anything, i'll answer honestly or say prefer not to, but can'y imagine i'd be too shy. ANYTHING
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Yes, think i must be too hydrated lol, and it usually happens either when i feela bit full, or i'm being "done hard", then i don't stop 'til they do yuk!<br />
Have had a friend get most of her hand in me and i actually came stuff that looked like *****.

That's so cool!

Don't look for it usually, but yeah, i love it

I do love the taste of myself, from **** or lips or tongue, i love the taste of *****, and just ****** *****.<br />
I prefer small toys generally if i play, tho i am v organic, and tend to use more natural toys like veg or fruit. I like anything "kinky", tho anything horny i consider normal, kinkiness is in the eye of the beholder.

Do you like the taste if yourself, off of his **** or lips???

I do ********** often, i reckon we ********** more than blokes,. sounds like a nice size bjhall01 just about right

do you **********? often, do you enjoy giving guys hand jobs?

what's the biggest household item you have used to ********** with.xx

No, have fantasised during sex, but have experienced quite a lot, so not so much to fantasise about, though still like being rendered helpless and at sexual mercy of somebody.<br />
Sorry kbarr, im not great at it computer stuff lol

Some might say sick i know, but the thought of animal sex really turns me on. But on the non knky side, a full on ******** where i'm conscious for once, and the centre of sexual attention.

****! sorry kbarr, deleted your comment by accident. I was 13, and was at a party with my so called boyfriend and my drink was spiked, so i ost my virginity and had my first ******** all without feeling it really.<br />
khei, yes i have

you ever tried analsex?