Ask Me Why Am I So Stupid...

I do some of the dumbest things. I'm supposed to be fairly intelligent, but when I get excited, it doesn't show. So what are some of the dumb things I've done? I'll try to long as I can.
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I'm sure I will have questions at some point, but I have to say I really respect your honesty.

Do you have sex in front of people?

What is the most "rewarding" dumb thing you have done? :)

Boy, what a great question... I'll have to think about it a while.... My gut level response is to say accept help from someone, when I least expected it. I had some problems related to a breakup and other things, and an old friend helped me out... I didn't want to accept it because I felt she was too nice to drag into my mess... But I did and she helped me resolved many open issues in my life...

That is nice. Warms me up. :)

Uhmmm, it depends... the LDS or SDAs usually look surprised, not necessarily shocked but surprised. I answered the door in a hurry last summer and there were 2 women and a man from the Watchtower/SDA. And I was on my cell phone and totally nude.<br />
<br />
The older man, maybe 60ish looked shocked, and mad<br />
the older woman, maybe 40ish was surprised, maybe a bit irritated at me<br />
the 25ish woman smiled and I smiled back and blushed.<br />
<br />
I told them I was busy talking with my SO's daughter and it would have to wait for another time. Uhmm., i sorta wanted the younger woman to come back, but they didn't<br />
<br />
Her smile was very, shall I say, understanding and very uhmm flirtatious it!!! Funny. :)

When someone knocks on my door its an opportunity!

What is your most taboo fetish?<br />
Have you ever had a squirting ******?

Squirting ******? sadly, never... as far as I know. I did have my first ****** taking a test in about 8th grade, though. I was so embarrassed my underwear was so wet. Maybe that was a gusher, cuz it was everything else.

most taboo fetish... that means something I like a lot.

I like to wear revealing clothes in front of people, then pretend that I'm not. I have some very revealing swimsuits that shows my modesty quite clearly, I'm told. I still love wearing them in public, especially when women look at me like I'm a ****. Guess what? Maybe I am.I like to wear the tops of tee shirts from guys, so my bottom pokes out. I wear them around our apt, and then doing errands, and running about....usually, though not ofter without panties.

I like to sit on the edge of the curb on the fourth, and watch the parades go by. Whether I'm wearing panties or not, I like to tease the paraders, on, beside and inside the floats. So there are a few., but I have so many!!! I like to imagine I'm stripping in public, and showing a huge crowd my stuff (I've done nude modeling. I also like to imagine I'm doing yoga nude, with classes of mixed men and women.

(We have 'clothing optional' yoga at our nudist club.)

me, i'm not that wet... never have been. I even wonder if those are real

Yeah, the problem is my 'northern European' background. I feel guilty about everything I do,I can't help it, and people use it to manipulate me and feel ashamed, so it makes me very controllable in certain ways I can't help. Yup, I know, that's a big part of why its so stupid.... I can't control it, or let it fall like water off my back. Maybe u can not me.

Don't worry...taboo make everything more exciting. :)

Do you get turned on by both male & female? If so!, which of the 2 are you most naughty with and are you easy too "organism"!

Of course!!! Most naughty with??? depends on my brain and how 'naughty' I feel, but I feel worst (which usually means more excited) the more 'wrong' whatever I do is, which I think is like anyone else.

Okay, what's wrong? Uhmmmm, shall i start? Sex in public, anal sex, oral sex, nudity, acting sexual in the wrong time or place... Okay, keep going. Being nude in public like at the beach, wearing a slutty swimsuit to swim laps, feigning I'm always touching myself, wearing revealing clothes, like short dresses, or maybe leggings without panties to workout at the gym... I could probably go on forever...

For starters, oral sex and nudity are definitely NOT wrong. Maybe just not appropriate in some circumstances.
I would probably enjoy spending time with you doing all those wrong things.

I don't ****** easy at all. I almost always take an electric-powered vibrator, or a skillful tongue with a mouth.

wish I were for me its a lot of hard work

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