*** On Dirty Boys....and Girls ; )

I wanna play....ask me whatever you want....please : )
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9 Responses May 8, 2012

do u skype

no, sorry

What size **** do you like the most

my mans : p

? on the shy boy did he ever get hard watching you suck his buddys **** or did it not do anything for him ??

no, it turned him on. we had sex after : )

what is the kinkiest thing you have ever done? the most embarrassing?

already answered this (hehe) so here's my answer... haven't really done anything too kinky. I had a 3some with my man and his friend - i did everything except for sex with his friend. So at one point I was being bounced back and forth between them(hehe)

1. Do you like anal sex? <br />
<br />
2. Have you ever had sex with another woman -- just the two of you?

not a big fan of anal. I have had "sex" with just a girl, but my man has always been there - it turns me on more.

Do you squirt?

no, but i do get very wet

What is one fantasy you have always had but still not lived?

two guys f*cking me. it'll b my bday present this year

No No more like a present for the 2 guys - damn

can I be one of them?

What is your opinion of Golden Showers?


never *********** while driving, have flashed while drving and yes def gone out shopping without panties and no bra.

do you play with your braless nipples while driving?

Absolutely! I usually like to wear a soft shirt, when I go braless, feels good on my nipples.