Horny Teenager, Ask Me Anything.

Ask me anything at all, I want you to find out everything you want to find out about me....
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26 Responses May 18, 2012

love that knees slightly taking weight hand between legs face breathing muffled in mattress so erotic x

do you ********** on your front or back mostly

Did you have sex with a stranger before?

do you only ********** thinking about it and saving it for the right guy or girl?

haha i wouldnt mind


would you?

i would love to

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I read earlier that you like older men and walk around naked at home, but your parents don't mind. If your dad ever tried, would you let him **** you?

Do you **********

do u have a brother or sister if so would u have sex with them

Would you eat my wife while I **** her and clean her out after I fill her with come?

Would you lick her ***?

Would like to wear a strap on and **** her in the *** while I **** her in the *****. (This was the scenario she was sexting to me today while she ***********)

Would you suck off six 50 year old men, one after another, if the money was right?

Then give me five dollars worth

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?

Well thats no fun :(

would you let someone **** your *** to spare your virginity

after i take your virginity are you going to let me *** in you

Where's the most random place you've been naked?

Oh really that sounds interesting! ;)

do u sleep naked?

lol yah...well its allway hot wer i live.. just like u..ur hot.

How often do you **********? What is the most public place you've even *********** at?

What do you think of anal sex? Do you enjoy it?

Is your ***** shaved, trimmed or all natural?

Any type of design like a land *****?

What's your favorite outfit?

lol. Cute. :)

would you ever let a man wear and *** in your panties/pantyhose during sex

yes i'd love that. the thought of wearing your panties or pantyhose after you had been wearing them all day and then me wearing them as you massage my **** and make me *** in them realy turns me on. love Gina

have you ever had an ****** while still wearing your panties and pantyhose and how did it happen

What is your preference about penis size? Why?

Do you split or swallow?

whats your best ************ experience

would you let me lay you on your back, *** in the air, legs over your head, and *** hole spread open so that i could pour your favorite drink inside of you, and then have you sit over a cup with two straws and fill it to the brim so you can share it with me?

I would love to hear more about you and your best friend on that trip!

what sort of panties do you wear and do you prefer to wear stockings or pantyhose

That is good that you are<br />
Don't let anyone tell you thats a bad thing

Have you had sex with an older man<br />
If yes.......how old