I Love Peoples Real Answers To Sexual Things

I don't mind answering questions... and i love to hear the honest answers of others... i really love hearing from women about the first time they caught someone looking up their skirts.. how it made them feel.. did they like it... did they beging to let it happen more and more...did they let them know they were giving peeks or did they like to make it seem accidental... same with going braless...the first time they touched someone else sexually...love hearing true hones answers to these things.. and ohters... mostly dealing with early sexual habits ..especailly about mens wives
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Whats her bra size? Maybe we could swap pics/stories

Ever have a mmf *********?

Have you ever persuaded your wife to 'accidentally' flash another male friend or stranger or indeed male relative? Have you ever wanted to see another man gently feel her up in front of you?

would you and your wife like to watch me tribute her pic live on skype?

I love the braless, and also the pantyless. The idea of a pretty woman wearing a blowy dress and no panties without anyone knowing it... or maybe flashing the guy at the gas station who is cleaning the windshield...

had this happen once , took me ten minutes to act like i was pumping gas . she pumprd gas checked oil and windshield . short skirt bare butt flashing in the breeze !

Can you add me so I can see more of you?

Who is that in your avatar ??

Where you live? Love to see your wife pictures

She is gorgeous

Would love to See her more email me her pictures

I'd love to do her

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I would love to hear from these women as well. It would be exciting and such a turn on.

Hi, We hve recently becme friends. I will take you up on your offer to ask questions, so answer them ll in detail please!!!
1/ What is the sexy, hottest, kinky experience you hve ever had,, truth not fantasy!
2/ Have you ever had sex with another man?
3/ You have seen my wife pics now. What would you like to see of her next?

williamtells_uk_2000 at yahoo dot com

I do go to these risky places all dressed very sexy and feminine and I love to tease the men folk but it does give me such a frill ,plus one day I know I will regret it ,and pay the price.