I like to ********** with a pair of my wife's dirty white knickers over my head, smelling the gusset with its smell of fanny and pee, with a nice yellow thin stain line to look at too. The mixture of her fanny smell with smell of her pee stain is a beautiful smell that always gets me highly turned on, I always come smelling them, my wife,has never found out that I like to smell her dirty knickers she would go mad if she found out, but what she is not aware of won't do any harm will it. I think I will see if there are any dirty smelly yellow stained knickers inside the basket right now, wanking here I come, in more ways than one.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I do the same and I love to take some photos from her dirty panties and to post them on the Internet. I also have made some videos. I can tell you the links, if you want.