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Feel free to ask me any questions you like, naughty, kinky, sexy..... I will answer as honestly as possible :)
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I shave my balls and shaft do you like that ?

Nothing better than a bald **** and balls!

Would you consider selling me a couple of pairs of your played in panties? I would like to sniff and lick one pair while I J/O into the other pair of your panties.

Would you be able to submit to someone and fulfill any order he gives you (within common sense of course, nothing that is risking or damaging your or others mental or physical health)

For sure, somewhat...although I like to be the one in control and calling the shots!😉

Do you keep it shaved? What do you think about a guy shaving his parts?

Most definitely and yes shaving for a guy is the only way.....for starters it allows you to see what's on offer ;)

Have you ever had sex with a relative? If not, have you ever thought about it? What was their relationship to you?

No, No and No I don't do ****** my profile!

So what are you getting me for Xmas? ;)

Where is the wildest place you ever ***********? Work?

Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone you met here at EP?

No not with someone from EP, but did with someone I met on another site :)

Do you enjoy anal sex ?

Only when in the mood and there is lots of preparation...foreplay ;)

You have to be realxed - a good ****** or two - lots of *** foreplay - fingering , licking , sucking, tongue ******* etc , and plenty od lube and a tender guy on entry ! its pretty incedible when done properly !

Would you like to see my white bits? ;)

Always!!! :)

How deep is your vagina?

Lmao...sorry have to laugh at this question as I don't think it's a general thing us girls measure. Not sure what kind of answer you want to this, but the only one that I can give you is that any **** over 7 inches hits my cervix, not sure if that gives you the kind of answer you're looking for :)

Thanks. perfect answer,

What types of methods do you take care of your horniness?

If I'm not given what I need I help myself with a toy (or my fingers if nothing else is available at the time) or someone that is willing to give me a helping hand :)

have you ever got caught masturbatings, having affairs or peeings outside?

No, no and no :)

Have you ever farted during sex

No I've been very lucky I think :)


Do you like a shaved ***** or a hairy one? And what do you have at the moment?

Have you read and enjoyed my stories

What is hubby's favorite sex act to watch you perform?

You mean me on him or on someone else?

on someone else

I know he loves watching my face when someone else is doing me doggy, he also enjoys it when I'm 69ing someone else so he can lick my arse at the same time :)

How many guys have you had sex with in one day?

Just 2 in the same day. Sometimes at the same times, other times hubby later in the day after another guy :)

is it normal for me to want to see my wife do another man?

Possibly, as you don't seem to be alone....just look around on this site! :)

How many friend requests do you get per day and how do you decide who gets let in?

how do you dress sexy? thong no bra? stockings and garter belts? add please

Depends on my mood, sometimes it's sexy with pretty lingerie, other times I like to dress in all black... stockings, garter belt, high heels, corsette, whipetc. when in dominant mood :)

Have men ever tributed your pics and send them back to you?does this turn you on?

Yes they have and I have a 'tribute' album on my profile.

do you like anal?

When I'm in the mood I like anal, but it's usually after I've had some drinks to relax and get carried away enough with plenty of a-ss play first :)


Hi honey ! Here goes !<br />
Do you shave your *****?<br />
What's your fave position for sex?<br />
Have you ever ****** another guy whilst your husband watches?<br />
If not, would you like to?<br />
Do you like water sports - ******* on guys, having them **** on you ??

Yes, 69 and doggy, yes and sort of....I like squirting on their faces and iin their mouths.

******* hell, honey, I'd sooooooo love you to squirt in my face !!!! I'd open my mouth wide so you can **** in it !!!! ****, I'm getting hard at the thought. I think the sight of **** pouring out of a lovely tight **** is fantastic and would really enjoy having you croutching astride my face as I lie on the floor, looking at your **** and waiting for that hot flow of **** to start and cover my face and go into my mouth !! Divine !!!!!

Lol I actually meant squirt (not ****)'s what I do when I *** hard :)

Sorry honey, I did actually start to write an answer asking if that was the case because I noticed (after I'd asked the first question) that you're not into water sports. Then I decided **** is what you meant. Sorry again to ask and sorry I misunderstood. I love the fact though that you spurt when you ***. I've only ever seen that on **** dvds, but I do think it's a real turn on. I would love tyo see in 'in the flesh' as it were and I'd LOVE to have a girl - especially you - spurt into my mouth. I always enjoy giving a girloral and sucking out that beautiful **** nectar !!! Gorgeous !!!!!

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You love DP. How long **** you would like to try?

No idea how long, just 2 ***** that would fit in me nice and snug or even stretch me :)

What is the biggest thing you put in your hole?

Wood u check out my Guy's **** & leave hot nasty comments???

Do you enjoy clamps? e.g. nipple or ****? and have you ever been bound for pleasure?

Not sure if I enjoy clamps as never tried them before, but always willing too try new things :) I've been bound before and love how at the same time it makes me feel anxious,exciting and sensuous!

Fantastic! and do you have any fetishes or things that really make you hot? I am a Dom with a lingerie and heel fetish.

I don't have a fetish as such, but since hubby has a foot fetish I enjoy the feeling of having my feet played with. I also love face sitting, squirting while ******* and like to be taken roughly.

Do you like to have *** licked out of your ***** after a good ****?

Mmmmm absolutely, I love sitting on hubby's face after and let the gravity help him get it all. I usually *** again while grinding my ***** into his mouth as the thought of him eating someone elses *** gets me over the brink real easy :)

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?<br />
Have you ever had a squirting ******?

I've had loads of squirting *******! As for most taboo fetish or fantasy....hmmm let me think. It would probably be peeing on my hubby while in the shower during one of our hot sessions. I'm not into peeing games or wetting myself usually but seeing him get off on that was so amazing.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

What is the one thing thatbmake you instantly wet and ready?

Flirting with an attractive guy gets my juices flowing as well as being around energetic horny younger guys that give me lots of attention and have raw sex radiating from their eyes, turns me on every time. Too be serious though, it really doesn't take much at all to get me wet and ready ;)


I'd love to be around you and get you wet! I'm 22 if you're interested

So when shall we share some naughty photos? ;)

As soon as I manage to take some more ;)

What's your favourite position to suck **** and for you to get your ***** licked?

Favorite position to suck **** has to be 69 as I have easy access to the balls and beyond lol. As for having my ***** licked, love sitting on his face as gives deeper tongue penetration and I tend to be a grinder which allows his nose to work my **** at the same time ;)

do you like someone plating with you asss when siting his face ?

do u like when a random guy **** deep inside u?? ;)

I absolutely love it, I so get off on knowing he's ******* hard and deep inside me, it's big turn on for me. Also love having hubby lick my ***** clean afterwards, wish it would happen more often.

I would love to help you fulfill that desire.

mmm thats so dam sexy i would love to help u out with that ;) ;)

do u like heating on ur husband wth groups of guys are u on skype

I never cheat, always tell him. No not on Skype.

hay do u like to swallow a guys ***

Yes definitely, when in the mood I love swallowing and just can't get enough

good job

Would you do it with a bisexual crossdresser, or allow one to do it with you and your husband?

No I'm afraid not, even though I am bi, Men dressing in women's clothes just doesn't do it for me.

What's your ultimate fantasy?

Definitely DP, if one was a BBC I wouldn't complain either lol ;)

Do you like being naughty in public and if so how and where?

I don't deliberately, but yeah maybe I am naughty in public. To me it's just fun though, nothing extreme. For instance tonight, I was at the pub at a table with several friends and had one friend (he's gay) ask me if he could do a motor boat on me??? I said 'What is a motor boat?' He said 'It's when I put my face between your **** and go 'Brrrruppppbbbbruppp' go from side to side (I'm sure you get the drift). I said, OK sure you can......and he did lol. For the rest of the night I had a straight guy sitting at the table asking me how he could possibly get away with asking for the same lol. I told him, you possibly can't as you're straight lol. He's now trying to figure out ways of being able to do the same thing without it coming across as too pushy! I love it, told him when he's on a short stint anywhere next time, maybe just act like he's gay and he can get away with way more than normal...pretty much anything other than intercourse or he wouldn't be convincing enough as being gay! lmao

Haha I'd try and ask but I'd be cheeky with it haha

have you ever laid on your back with your *** in the air and legs over your head, *** spread open so someone could pour in your favorite drink and then have you sit over a cup and fill it so you could drink it? add me

WTF???? I've laid on my back with my *** in the air and my legs over my head in order for for my lover/****** to have really good access and tongue **** or **** my arse, however not gone as far as pouring my favorite drink in there???!!!!! Kind of a waste if you ask me as my taste buds aren't in my arse! Not sure where yours are???

gotta pour it back out and drink it baby

Nah I prefer my drink undiluted...straight up! :)

Where's the most random place you've *********** or been naked?

*********** in the hot tub while a group of friends were sitting less than 2m away, chatting cluelessly