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So please hit me up with anything you wanna ask...
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So one more question. What do you like better: oral sex giving or recieving, then from a guy or a woman. Anal sex with a guy or vaginal sex with woman?

its hard to say which I like better because they are so different in general I prefer women but being with men is a totally unique experience

GAve it some more thought so in order I would say:
1.recieving from a woman
2.Giving to a woman
3.recieving from a man to a man
1.vaginal with a woman
2.recieving from a man
3. giving to a man

I think I like your ranking!

What is the one thing you have done sexually that surprised you the most looking back?

I guess it would be how much I eenjoy receiving anal

What is you favorite simple pleasure?

An Ice cold beer on a hot day

One last question, struck on deserted island for 10 year, want to be with the guy of your choice (who) or woman of your choice(who)?

So I gave this one some thought and I think it would be a guy, someone who could help build shelters and catch food etc... of course he would have to be open to sex :). problem is I dont know anyone like that other than myself.

I think I would be.!!!

Well then, You wanna go sailing? ;)

I have seen your pic! I am packing as we speak!!LOL

Up for more questions?
How old were you when you first jacked off? by yourself or with others?

honestly I cant remember the first time I jacked off I'd say probably around 12, the first time with someone else was at 14 with the same guy I had other first experiences with

First time get a bj? Giving one? first sex with female and a male?

Well the bj getting and giving and sex with a guy are all the same at 14, my first bj from a girl was around 15 and first sex with a girl was at 17

You write about those stories! Which event was most memorable?

my first time witha girl was probably a little more memorable as a one time event, my first guy was something that happened and progressed over time

What is the one thing sexually that you want to try that you haven't yet?

There's more than one, I've never been with two guys at once, or sucked off another guy with a woman, never had a real dom / sub experience... I could go on and on :)

Where is fantasy place to have sex with a man and where for a woman?

For a guy I always thought it would be hot to be taken in a public shower like at a gym, for a woman in the rain on the hood of the car.

I always dream about a shower scene with 2 or three guys and soapy hands / *****!!!
Have you ever had sex outdoors/ woods?

Yeah a few times, I have a story on here about me and my wife on a camping trip, and the pictures of her sucking my **** were taken in our back yard, I've also had sex with a guy in the back of my truck while parked in an orange grove, oh and once with a girlfriend in the hottub of an apt. complex. So what is your favorite fantasy?

Well interesting it is different for men and for women. I fantasy with men is either many guys in a shower as described above, I always thought a darken shower where you couldn't see would be intense just groping hands. I think one guy deep in the woods , kind of primal man on man lust thing!
I fantasy of having sex with my wife out by the pool after skinny dippin' in the warmth of the sun!

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That would be the strapless strap-on that we have

what is the last item you have pleasured yourself with?