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7 Responses May 24, 2012

Have you ever *********** over a complete stranger that you saw in the mall or from work or wherever? Someone that impressed you so much you couldnt wait to stick your hand down your panties?

hi elliecow,
have you ever had sex with a complete stranger ?

wud u **** a guy if he says hes gonna be different inbed.

I'm not sure what you mean by that... different how?

meaning he d **** u in a different n strange positions.

What do you consider to small penis?

Hmmm... well, my most favorite toy ever was a good solid seven inches, and I loved it... so i can't imagine six inches would be that much different... so, let's say... five and under?

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?<br />
Have you ever had a squirting ******?

I've never had a squirting ******.
as for my most taboo fetish/fantasy...

Oh your such a tease you can tell us we won't tell.

I see that you are a member of I have kinky fantasyies. So what is your kinky fantasy?

i have to pick just one? i said this once before, and it's not the kinkiest, but it is my favorite and will always rev my engine each time. i want all three holes filled: a **** in my *** (and having him spank me), a **** in my ***** (and having him play with my ****), and a **** in my mouth (with him wiping his wet **** across my face every couple strokes) while all three tell me how slutty i am.

Very hot! Would love to partake and watch that.!!!!

How many guys have you been with? What is the biggest ****/*****/ob<x>ject you have had inside of you?

I have been with 8 guys (was married for a long stretch).
biggest **** - 7 inches
biggest ***** - 9 inches (almost had the whole thing - it was larger around than i thought for)
biggest object - i used a cucumber once when i was desperate.

Thanks for the very clear, and sexy response!

My pleasure. :)