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(I'm an 18 year old guy)
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Yeah, I want to know about your jacking off practices. Besides how often, where do you do it? Do you use lube? Do you **** with your right or left hand? Where and when was the last place you did it? What is the most times you've done it in a day? Where is the strangest place you've done it? Do you ever eat your own ***? Have you ever jacked off with another guy? Have you ever told someone else how to jack off? Have you ever been caught? Tell us about the first time you jacked off and shot a load. Are there enough questions here for you to answer? I can probably think of more!

Wow ok. Used to do it about once a day, sometimes twice. But now only a few times a week.
Mostly do it in my bedroom.
Usually no lube.
Mostly left hand, because I am a righty so I use the computer with my right lol
Last time was Monday, late afternoon, in my room
Never rly kept track but I probably haven't done it more than 3 times in one day
Hmm strangest place may have been in the bedroom of a family friend's house or in the car....u tell me lol
Never ate my own ***
Yes jacked off next to another guy (but no touching each other)
Never taught anyone else
Been caught a few times
And idk what there is to really tell you about the first time... I jacked off and shot a load

Now can u tell us your age and answer all the same questions please

LOL...I guess that's fair enough. I'm 57 years old, and I can tell you that I love to jack off today just as much as when I started when I was 13. So you know what you can look forward to. I think it's awesome!

I do it at least once a day, and I haven't missed a day since December 2, 2011. I will do it twice a day when I have the chance, so I'd estimate that I do it from 7-10 times per week.

I generally do it in my bedroom while watching ****. I like home-made amateur stuff, and I like to jack off while watching other guys jack off. I especially like to "420" first if I've got it.

I use lube too; my choice is to rub in a nice coat of Albolene first (makeup remover from Walgreen's) so I'm really throbbing; then I'll slick up with Astroglide and get into some serious jacking. I'm right-handed, but I jack off with my left, mostly because my **** angles to the left, and I like it straight up.

I did it last about 3.30 this afternoon in my bedroom, a "quickie." I'll do it again in about an hour, so it's a 12 hour break. The most I've done it in one day is four or five; I used to rent **** videos and dub copies for myself. So while the dubbing was going on, I was naked and jacking the whole time.

I've done it in some strange places too; I did it in the middle of a deserted highway one night, on a picnic table at a wayside rest one night while cars were going by, on a picnic table at an interstate rest area, and a whole bunch of different places outdoors.

I love eating my own ***, and I've done it for a long time. I'll lick my fingers clean, and lick it out of the palm of my hand if I've caught it. I like to *** on a hand mirror and lick it off of it. It tastes great, especially if you eat a lot of fruit like pineapple. I decided to try it after I saw a girl swallow a load in a ****, and she seemed to love it.

I have jacked off with several other str8 friends, the first time was when I was 15 and I did it with a 14 year-old friend. There's something uniquely great about jacking off with someone else while there's a **** going, unlike anything else. I did tell three of my friends how to do it; unfortunately we never jacked off together. If I had it to do again, I certainly would!

I got caught once, by my grandpa of all people! Oh well, I think he was a horny old bastard anyway.

As for my first time, I had a wet dream one night. It didn't take me long to figure out what had happened, so I figured out how to jack off the next night, and I've never found any reason to stop! By the way, that was my one and only wet dream. The thing I noticed right away with the wet dream was the smell of my ***; to me it smelled like the air after a summer thunderstorm.

So there you have it. I like to talk about jacking off as well as do it; most guys have some interesting thoughts and stories once they open up. Unfortunately a lot of guys are embarrassed by it, so it's hard to get a whole lot of details. I think it is fascinating, as you can tell. I hope you do it often and enjoy the hell out of it!

Geez, I had the above post all broken up into separate paragraphs, and it got all run together when I posted it. I hope you can read it okay!

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