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It's Friday night, and I'm bored with nothing to do. So ask me anything!
ShaunaDoll ShaunaDoll
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Its Wednesday morning for me! So its a sexual question you want!

What would it take to stop you having sex? Take your time before you tell me!

Wow, to just stop having sex entirely? I guess not being able to have it anymore for whatever reason. I'm a bit of a nympho, haha. :P I don't think I could pass up the opportunity to have sex.

That's sounds honest.

It's not Friday night but I'll still ask. Did you like anal sex and do you like having your salad tossed before hand? I adore being topped as long as the **** isn't so big it hurts!!!

I do enjoy both, yes. In fact I enjoy anal sex so much that I usually can't even stand steady afterwards because my knees keep trembling!

OK just a step farther. What does it take for a guy to get you in bed? Do you let a guy no if your interested in him? Would you go to bed with a guy you just met? I love Tgirls and am just curious.

I'd be willing to get into bed with a guy I just met. Really, as slutty as this sounds, I think all it takes for a guy to get me in bed is to make an effort. But of course only if they already know I'm a tgirl first, because I've heard some of the horror stories that come from guys not finding out until the pants are off. It's not fair, but it's how it is, so gotta be careful.

I like you. You are very honest!!! I think your profile is great also. Yes we all are a bit quirky. A dry sense of humor is also the best kind of humor IMHO. Do you really like bacon that much? Anyhow glad you are a fried. Look forward to your stories. I'm a CD and am totally aroused by Tgirls. If I were on a deserted island and had to pick which gender I would want as a companion it would for sure be a M to F transsexual. Hope to hear more from you ShaunaDoll!!!!

lol bacon is my guilty pleasure. Obviously can't eat it too much because it's not healthy, but it's soooo good. :P Your thing about being trapped on an island and picking a M to F transsexual as the gender of your companion made me giggle haha. Thanks for the comments, and stay in touch!

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