Me And My Friends

i will tell you anything you want to know about me
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What is the most unusual object you have ever had in your *****?

That sounds pretty HOT!

Favorite sexual position? Please add

So... You've been to a ********. How many have you done at once. Counting 2 hands, mouth, *** and *****?

What I mean is how many once were you personally doing. ***, mouth & 1 ******* would be 3.

Do you enjoy the way a man inserts the head in u n slowly work his way deep down your vagina?
Wut do u do or how do u react to your ****** while a man keep on ******* you.real fast n hard .

Whats been your smallest? 4.8 inches here,,,

Like to get a add from you.

Do you have any regrets in your life so far?

ever been dominated by a girl younger than you, how do you like it? how about a cfnf situation.

yeah I would love it, is little short answer....
you would love to experience cfnf or you have been dominated by a girl younger than you...

would you like her to use your *** and slap you on your face and than make you kiss her feet.

Id love to know if you like to watch men *******. I mean see complete strangers do it and ***.

Do you ever do cam to cam with men?

I can respect that.

No problem. Hope we can still be friends.

Do you fmf sex. Do you like men the same as women?? I've added you


Have you ever sit in a guy's or girls face and face ****** them and then peed in their mouth and all over their face ??.I would love for you to do that for me . Please Add.

would you be with me?

Never had that done by a girl, but I bet you'd know how to curl my toes. :)

i want you to add me ..okay

do you want to do me in any way you want?

Would you like for me to work a butt plug into your *** and ***** up your **** lay you on your back head hanging over your bed and **** that pretty little mouth with my fat ****

not stop until you your have soaked your bed ?

LOL yes have been told it was thick (7.5 x 7) love your wit ;-) very cute pic by the way

What is the biggest **** you ever went down on!

I want you to pee on ur feet then i will taste themand lick them for hours

I love smelly feet, that is the best baby

Would get your boyfriend to **** me ?

What a way to go Mmmmm bet he can self suck as well huh ? Xx

I used to be able to suck mine,, I loved it when my lover at the time used to join me and share my *** xxx

I would love to have a three way suck on his ****. X

You are sooooo hot!

Is Bi the way to go?

Do you ever go commandowhen you are at work?

Please add me!

Why dont you do it ALL the time? Always gonna be sexy! LOL

Have you ever had ****** in public? self induced, or given to you by someone?
Add me too...

Have you ever given someone else an ****** in public?

I'd love to see your pics... will you add me?

Please add would love to see your pics

Have you played with a couple?

I see early in the question you ask that ROETS asked whats your favourite fantasy that you havent done yet and you hadn't answered or did you answer it personally ???

Do you like it when a guy fills your *** up with pee before he finally adds his *** deep inside you?

baby sitting huh - hmm - sounds like a pfun time :)

how young were you when you knew you liked ******* and *******

sounds a good story tell

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

Do you like DP?
And have you had FMF?

Can you add me please!

You ever get a bare bottom spanking?

By that oh Yea it sounds like you had a lot!


Have u seen your parents ****??

Have you ever hd any ****** experience??? If yes with whom and when?? If not, dn do u hv any such fantasy with any of your family member???

Wat type and color undies r u wearin

Have u ever gotten a wedgie

Do u like getting spanked

what is the most taboo sexual thing you have done.
what is the most taboo sexual think you want to do


What's your bra size? Like seeing big dicks?

I'm nine and a half inches. Would you like to see? I love to show. I *** hard and heavy babe

Wanna see? ;)

You have pics on here? N how old are you?

Message me ;)

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you get home after a long day out and you walk into your room and a dude is playing with himself in your panties.... what do you do in that situation

you are awesome..

every been handcuffed or tied up for sex?

sounds like you have done both. do you have a favorite way of being bound?

I have a HUGE daddy daughter fantasy..i want to buy a naughty school girl uniform and get a sexy shemale to play daddy and **** my ******* that to nasty..

add me please

What's the most people you have ****** in a day?

Do you or would you ever get a **** piercing?

I'm thinking of getting mine pierced. Happy to know you approve ;)

Hi. I guess I will start this out. How many guys have you ******?