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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

for her...ever think about someone else while ******* your husband?

I've thought about someone else joining in. But never thought of someome else to replace him. I mostly just fantasize about a third man while I am riding mine. I always want someone in my *** while he is inside me.

does he finger it while you guys play?


who enjoyed the recent 3some more? him or her? and why?

The most recent ********* was with a black guy and i think he enjoyed it more. He loved watching me being with a black guy

was it more fun for you watching him enjoy it or you enjoyed the black **** without thinking about him?

i had fun. but i enjoyed watching him enjoy it more than the actual other guys ****.

nice...whats one fantasy you really wanna make come true?

probably be blindfolded or tied up while he is playing with me.

you havent tried that as yet? I am surprised...

do you want him to use toys or just himself while you are blindfolded?

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Do you share toys with each other?

No we don't share toys . He helps me play with mine though.