Hey! (:

I'm new here and all, and I thought this would be a good way to start! You can ask me anything, I'd love it!
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Would you ever do any desperation/holding for a video or webcam?

Up to any desperation fun tonight hon?

I do have to pee a bit...

can't believe i missed that! we should hold together sometime....

I agree =) Sounds like a date!

Have you ever let anyone watch, up close, when you pee? Have you ever watched anyone, up close, pee?

never had any of those experiences, but i've been looking for someone who would both let me watch both their desperation and pee, as well as my own desperation and pee.

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

having a holding contest and then great sex, with a good full bladder (: yours?

Do you like to hold for the desperation fun ? Or do you hold to eventually wet yourself ?

I like both, but the best part of it, for me, is the desperation!

I like both too, but I think agree with you - the desperation is the best part - especially holding until the very end...

Would you do a hold and let me join you in helping you hold it?

yeah, anytime!

Message me then!

Have you ever considered enjoying the sexual attributes of a sibling or other family member?

well, I've considered a few times my stepbrother, if that counts haha (: but we never got to sex, just a few make outs.

everything counts but, a stepbrother isn't truly a blood relation, I am an older man that just 3 yrs ago started to enjoy my sis and just recently her daughter, which as far as i know sis doesn't know about ... you can read my stories about those adventures ...if you like.

i would love that! unfortunately, all my siblings are around the age of 5-10, and very young... but i'll surely check you stories!

haha you got a point there! well, maybe one day (:

2 girls and 1 boy

maybe... but I'll have to wait quite a while for that :p

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