Asking Each Other Nasty Questions - Sharing With Strangers

When I meet someone new, especially on the internet, I like to play a kind of "getting to know you" game. We ask each other questions, one after the other, each in turn. There are a few rules, however.

Rule 1 - There are only four topics from which the subjects must come; the four socially unacceptable topics of conversation in "polite" company:
A. Politics
B. Money
C. Religion
D. Sex

Rule 2 - No judgements are allowed to be made by either party, from either the questions, nor the answers.

Rule 3 - The answers must be the absolute, unadulterated, pure and whole truth.

Rule 4 - Each participant has three "escape" or none of your business cards. If you play all three, the game ends.

Rule 5 - It is not fair to ask the other player, the same question they just asked you until at least one other question has been asked, otherwise the game breaks down to one person asking and then the other person asking the same question.

The game generally devolves to a discusson of everyone's favorite subject, sex. Because of the ground rules, it can be a very enlightening experience and can lead to some very open, honest and provocative

I use either the phone or online internet chat, Yahoo is my favorite. Anyone care to play?
genekersey genekersey
51-55, M
Dec 4, 2012