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How offen do you let other men **** you

How often do you ********** and what is your favorite way?

How many hours a day do you think about sex on average?

Have you ever been given a good spanking for being such a ****?
Would you like one?

I certainly have!! Til my *** was red hot!!!

would you try a big **** in your ***

Would I try? LOL!! I'd try as often as it was on offer!!!!!

You ever been with multiple partners....if so how many and what sex were they??

********* is the most I've ever done. Always with another female and a guy, never two guys.

Would you do two guys?? Or just not had the option??

Haven't had the option. I'd possibly do it, it would depend on the guys though

Thank you!....oops???? Sorry forgot this was questions only??? ;)

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Cheekiest / most outrageous place you ever gave a blow job or had full on sex?

A blow job....probably in a train carriage....full on a public pool.

whats the smallest **** you ever had

Ooooh, probably about 5 inches.

I honestly have no idea!!! Depends on the thickness as well as the length!!

whats your favorite sex position

Head down, *** up.....way up!