I Will Tell The Truth No Matter What You Ask.

Ask me anything you want and no matter how rude I'll answer it ;)
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I only date younger women but some of them freak out when they watch me suck a fat ****. Would that bother you?

You look so naughty - how many women have you made love with?

I have honestly lost count sweetie xx

have you ever had sex with two guys at once?

What is your most taboo fetish and/or fantasy?
Have you ever had a squirting ******?
Have you ever been caught ************? (details please)

looks like she dose not answere the questions

Well would u consider being a mistress of a married man or even man and his wife??

hmm just one thing if you could answer. can you squirt when you have an ******??

Where do you like for guys to ***?

@jleslie I haven't been with a guy for a long time but when I did, yes I swallowed

@zacg I don't know

I can't reply for some reason :(
@emily no @joe D @vanit never done it @roets sex in work @small erm too many to choose from @nakedtim never completely naked, not yet anyway @jlantern no @ricky never been with an Asian, would love to have some fun with a Japanese girl though, and I love when someone spends the time to eat me out. But it's best done by girls because they know what feels good

Did you have any experience of sex during your periods? If so, did you enjoy that?

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

what is your favorite sex position

Have you ever tried Asian?
Do you prefer a man who stays long in eating your's?
The biggest size that had entered inside you.

wuold u shag me ?

do you swallow?

Biggest was a bit under 9"Smallest 5/6Size doesn't matter entirely but bigger is better

It depends what they looked like, and my alcohol level. I've had sex on the dance floor before ;)

oooh please do tell the story haha. what if a guy had a huge hard on when you grind on him on the dancefloor?

Extremely drunk I had been flirting with a guy all night. He kept trying to slide his hands up my skirt and I kept feeling him hard **** rubbing against me. I unbuttoned his trousers taking it out and lifted myself up onto him pulling my underwear to the side. To this day don't know if people noticed but I hope they did.

did you grind on him til he ***? or did he **** you doggy?

****** my ***** until he came

came inside of you?

Yeah ;) the best way

And we'll couldn't make too much of a mess hehe


did you **** him after the dance too?

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What would you do if random guys in a club started grabbing your *** and groping you on the dance floor?