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Why are you leaving EP?

My first question is how often and how badly do you get constipated? The followup is, do you like being given suppositories, soapsticks, enemas, or what to solve it? :)

Well, even if you aren't really constipated, you can always pretend you are, and get treated the way you would if you were. :)

To answer your question about how you'd be treated, there are, of course, a lot of possibilities. The easiest and fastest would be to take you across my lap, pull down your panties, and slip a suppository into your delicious bottom. Then I'd keep you there, and insert another every five minutes or so. The object would be to see how long you could hold them all in, and how many you could take in there. If you got excited during this, a not uncommon occurrence, some gentle rubbing in the right places would enhance those feelings, and help you take more and keep them in longer. Rather than suppositories, we could also use a soapstick.

The best treatment, though, would certainly be to take you over my lap, and give you a nice warm enema. After gently inserting the nozzle, I'd keep the bag low, so you'd get a warm, gentle flow of water into your bottom, spreading slowly through you. Moving the nozzle gently in and out of you during your enema, and then rubbing the right places when it was all inside you, would, I'm sure, help you to be very glad you'd told me you were constipated, truthfully or otherwise. :)

Help me ********** at work?

I have yet get caught yet

wow redundant, i do it all the time, I just want to spice it up

Would you ever let someone straddle you, sit on your lap & cuddle you while you pee & poop? X

Nice. Your hot! X

Bra size? And do you like seeing pics of big *****?

Im 9 inches, if youd like to look at my pics

Have you ever had two dicks in your ***** or *** at the same time

Would you use a strap on, on a guy while another ***** you in the ***? Our maybe blow a guy that is getting ****** by another person?

Will you marry me? :]

One day :]

how often do you fill your pants with poop?

hope you are naughty and sit in your poopy pants and squash it everywhere :)

Have you ever been forced to take a **** deeper down your throat than you can handle? If yes, could you describe how it went?

will you travel to Turkey/istanbul ?maybe can try older guy ! ;)

did you ever sex with a old man? if you say yes,how old?

Will u ever post pix

Did you ever actually take a black ****?

Dirtiest fantasy?

What would you say if your sexual partner asked if he could come to the bathroom with you, straddle you & sit on your lap as you go potty & that I would give him sexual pleasure to do so, that you would be able to feel his throbbing ***** pressed against you & he promised you the best sex of your life after. Would you do it? X

Nice. I like it. I'd love to do some of that with you. Your my kinda girl. X

have you ever tried getting naked while laying down

Is that sweet bottom in your profile pic really you? (Be honest....)

would you ever, or have you ever gone dogging?

Do you like it if men look up your skirt?

So you love take a big poop, huh? :-)

Mhmmm, nice. How big are your poops usually? Judging by that cute picture of your ***, I imagine "pretty big". :-D

Ahh, that's a shame. I take you miss those big poops, huh? :-/

Heheheh. Have you ever tried bathroom control? Letting someone else tell you when and where you can go?

If you like, you can message me about it and I'll tell you more. ;-)

Sure think. :D

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Would you like to have sex next time you are fertile?

But you see, the risk is the point of it all. It shows some commitment to your lover.

Here's a question bubs - when are you moving to the right side of the Irish Sea to be with me? :( x

But you know I love you more right? ;) x

Okay thanks, little upsetting but that's to be expected. When can we next Skype? x

Would you ever wear a diaper for fun?: )

MMF been bi sexual... although a gd FFM is always gr8 fun

I love 2 girls teasing me over a long weekend...

are you into the ******* your pants fetish'?

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

Have you ever pooped your pants on purpose?

Would you **** in a wilLing guys mouth?

Would you be willing to sext me?

Ill be sure too;)

Do you have a Skype, if so can you add me?

Ok I messaged my Skype name to u :3

If you walked in on a male family member jacking off, what would you do?

Did you ever have thoughts that you two could enjoy being open with each other sexually? ....in other words would you **** him?

I just had to ask ...(wink)!!

would you give him a helping if full blown sex is out of the question?

that is a helping hand^

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Have you ever played with yourself while peeing? Or touched yourself with some of the mess you have made after you do that?