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Ask Me Anything... especially the ladies but ill take any naughty questions you got..... :-)
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Do you take *** in your mouth

Hmmm that does sound challenging. My question is have you ever *** with just having your nipples sucked? Hope that you add me

Not from having them sucked but I have made myself *** from just playing with them....

what about when someone else sucks them

Would you enjoy a man giving you a ******.

Can you tell me if you like doing Sizzers ?

I think u mean tribbing and no not really.

You mentioned EP Making you horny... Has any 1 story been enough to make you ***?

Lots of them have

hey! would you pee into your jeans if your boy loves seeing you naughty like this?
do you like peeing games in general?

thanks for sharing and thanks for your honesty, Tim

Don't you just love kissing the small of a woman s back while holding and softly kneading her hips with your fingers?

yes. yes i do.

Of course i do.....

What I was going to say was that I love women with big clits with her pearl and sticking out.

Oh well i dont have a big one. Mine i dont know i guess is average but it does swell when highly excited. Lot of men dont know that. One good way to tell if your lady is enjoying herself or not. Someone had asked if i liked big ones but i myself dont have a big one.

After 49 years I have learned quite a lot about a woman`s body especially her sweet spot and the pearl. I love when a woman gets soaking wet and cumms in my mouth and then seeing if she can squirt.

I did reply but then saw you only wanted ladies to reply so I deleted my reply.

U can still ask me questions.

My wife has had fun with a woman on a couple of occasions in front of me and both were over 50 as is my wife. Would you be up for doing that or is it not your scene, If it is how far would you go ?

No men no couples sorry

When did you loose your virginity, who was she and what was it actually like I mean when you go with a man for the first time I think its rare that sparks fly like in the movies so what is it like being with a woman for the first time?

Well it depends on how u see things. I was raped at the age of 12 but i didnt willingly have sex with someone of my choosing till i was 15. I wrote about it its on here. The title is called Summer Of 95

looking back at the 3some, what do you think caused the mistrust?

Wow thats a toughie..... well the girl we did it with was a very old friend of mine and me and her had sex before just as friends with benefits type thing. So after the 3sum the girl i was in a relationship with became very moody. She started asking all kinds of questions like did you like being with her more than me. Does she have a better body than me which she didnt. Then the girl got a job as a secretary working at the same company i did. My dad owns a construction/property management company and her family and my family our old friends and she got the job because her dad mentioned to my dad she needed one but my girlfriend thought it was all my doing. Plus my girlfriend had bugged me constantly to get her a job working with me and i refused for several reasons. She already had a job that paid her more than a job working for my dad would pay, plus i felt working together living together, and being in a relationship was just too much for me so when the other girl got a job up there i didnt tell my girl. But she found out because one day she posted on her fb page about sitting in a meeting with me and then all holy hell broke loose. After that we fought constantly. She thought i was lying to her about everything, she thought i was cheating with the other girl while at work. She started coming up to my work all the time unannounced just to try and catch us talking or whatever. So things kept getting worse and finally she said if i didnt get my dad to fire her and cut all ties with her then she would leave me. By that time i was done anyway so i said ive known her longer and she isnt crazy so im not cutting her out of my life. So she packed her **** and left, then proceeded to try and destroy my life. She posted nude photos of me all ove myspace and stuff like that, then tried to send a letter to my folks telling them i was gay. Luckily i got the letter before my folks saw it. But yeah thats what happened. Lol we women can be crazy lol

Bwahaha, I'm glad you said "we women can be crazy" beyonces crazy in love comes to mind lol, I've been in the odd ********* and well I've been the jealous one, yikes! No good on my part. What was your reply when your ex asked if the friend was better than her? You've said your ex had the better body but ........ Was the friend better? Lol

Well its like comparing apples and oranges. No two women are the same and its hard to compare the two and say one is better than the other. At the time i was madly in love with my girlfriend. I did the 3sum for her cause she wanted to do it. I dont believe in sharing or cheating or anything like that so i wanted to make her happy and did the things she asked of me...... but now she is just an evil ***** and im still friends with the girl. And just out of spite i had a whole lot of sex with her after the break up and made sure she found out about it lol....

Thank you for your reply.

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Bra size? And do you like seeing big *****?

Depends on the bra but usually a 34b or c and no im gay.

Nice ;)

Hey sweetie ,, my naughty little question is have you ever thought about having sex with a tranny ?? we are girls with a bit extra,, xxx oooo Diane :)

What object or item do you like to use to ********** with that was never intended to be used for ************?

Ive only ever used my hands..... never saw the need for using anything else.

You must be pretty good with your hands. Exactly, what do you do?

Read my story titled every single morning.......


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Have you ever licked a smelly *****?

Yes lol wasnt pleasant but she was my girlfriend and at the time our water had been shut off do to a water pipe bursting and neither of us had showered in a few days and i just didnt care cause i wanted to have sex so i did what i had to do lol

Any sex play with other females or males in family besidea aunt?

Nope.... just her.

any of your sexy dreams make you squirt in your sleep?

how wet are you most mornings

Very lol

how wet are the sheets in the morning

They arent wet unless i sleep in the nude. I always sleep topless but will always have on undies or shorts.

So what do you like doing most when having sex with a woman

tongues, fingers, toys etc

What drives you wildest

No toys but lips and fingers do wonders hehe

Ever been with a girl that queefs?

All girls do that just like all guys fart.... its the same thing

Ever **** your panties for fun?

Not for fun..... being a little too drunk maybe.

Will you add me so I can ******* to your pics.


That's to bad.

Are you ticklish? If so, where?

Yes..... everywhere

Mmmmmm how delicious! Do you enjoy it?

If its light and easy and from a woman i enjoy it alot...... lol

If a sexy woman wanted to tie you down to your bed and tickle you, would you submit to it?

Depends on the woman lol

Say, if she looked like Dita von Teese?

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So can woman really squirt or is it just pee?

I dont know..... ive definitely seen it done and even was with a woman who squirted..... **** tasted nasty as nasty can be. But they say it like mens ***..... ive heard its all in what you eat. If you eat more fruit and stay away from coffee ive heard it tastes better. I myself have never squirted but when i *** there is a small rush of fluid that leaks out of me......

I have been with woman like you, lots of fluid, but have not had a gusher like some of the **** videos. I am still on the fence.

Well it does happen...... it happened right in my face once lol so i know its real but it tasted so awful i couldnt continue and made her shower if she wanted to do anyting else with me. I felt bad but it was overwhelming. I showered with her and washed off to make her feel better......

please would you please add me

Would you do a nude shoot on a Harley?

nope.... id do nude shoots for a girlfriend something private but never something that would be seen in public like in a magazine

Honest answer. I respect that. You are a thing of beauty and so is a Harley. But I respect your answer.

Have you ever played with an older woman

Yepppppppp oldest lady i was ever with was in her upper 60's or early 70's cant remember but she was gorgeous and i had a hard time keeping up with her. She kept me busy thats for sure lol

Wow good to hear that is even much older then I have ever played with women or man

Hehe well age is a number i dont pay attention too....... as long as your over 25 i can usually get along with ya

So have you ever been with a man or have you always know you were a lesbian?

No ive been with a man...... i guess i would say im a lesbian with bi tendencies lol my best friend is a man and me and him have sex when the two of us dont have anyone else to satisfy are sexual needs

wow thats a great arrangement

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The pic of you on the table is so hot I just had to comment on it.
Is the pic of you and the 2 girls the ones you shared a bed with that hot weekend?

If I was there I'd definitely do the standing along side of you and giving you a double finger penetration!

Nope those are just friends..... ive never done anything with them..... :-)

At least once before i get out of bed in the morning and once before i go to bed but usually there is a few times during the day. Hehehe

I wish it was. So, have you ever hhmm?

No i havent dont that..... closest i ever came was a three some i had with my girlfriend at the time and another girl who we were close friends with. It was an amazing weekend but it eventually caused the end of the relationship i was in..... we stopped trusting each other and we broke up..... but still the three of us together in a huge bed all weekend having a ton of sex. It was intense and hot and i think of it aloof

I meant to say i think of it alot lol

Have you ever had a woman stand along side you, reach one hand between your legs and place one hand under your lovely *** and penetrate you in both places at the same time?
I'd love to do it to you! -Crystal

Is that an offer sweetie hehehehe

Are you sub or dom? Do you live in a partnership?

Well i dont do that whole sub or dom thing. Sometimes in a relationship ill be a bit more dominant or a bit more submissive just depending on the person and how i feel will make them happy. And no i dont have a partnership

What is the wildest sex act you have ever done?

3 sum i did with a girl i was in a relationship with and a friend of ours.... lasted almost two days lol

Hi there,, a very happy and eventful 2013 to you, by the way do you enjoy 3sum or group sex and just curious to know if you will like to add me?

Do you like younger or older girls? And do you like to lead or be led?
also add me i would like to follow your stories cause i think they re hot!

Older women

Do you ever want ot have sex with guys again in addition to women?

Please add me, I would like to follow the questions and answers.

No i want to be with women. Im only having sex with the one guy out of necessity lol

Who makes you *** harder guy or girls ??

Oh girls without a doubt, hands down. But to be fair ive only been with one guy and about 20 or 25 women.

Ive used toys all but the strap on.... but id rather use my mouth and hands and fingers, more fun

very hot, can you add me plz xx

Would you consider doing another guy?

And would you add me as a friend?

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Hey sexy ;) so what are ya wearn right now? Also feel free to send pics :)

Baggy tshirt baggy shorts.... just comfy clothes.... laying around watching tv.

Cool :) so what you been up to girl?

Not much just working and chillin....

Cool :) I've been tryn to find me a hot girl :)) also when you was talkn bout when you #### that made my boobs perky :))

Hehehehe well im glad i had that effect on ur boobies hehe

Me to :))
So sexy wanna talk dirty to eachother :))
Lol just let me know if I get on ur nerves lol I'm a chatter box

We can chat whenever u wanna..... i love to talk :-)

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How often do you **********?

Every single morning as soon as i wake up. Then at least another one before i go to bed and if im lucky another time during the day. So at least twice sometimes more lol

That's sexy :)

Hehe i have my moments lol


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Would you have sex with a man if he brought a woman for you to play with as well?

No.... there is only one man ill have sex with and he is laying right beside me ... sorry.

What's ur favorite part of a woman?

Ohhhhhhhh wow such a good question but how does one choose. I guess if i was being honest it would be the hip. When a woman is laying on her side and her hip has that very deep curve to it. I could rub my hands over that all day and night.... then come the big kissable lips. Ughhhh i should stop or ill just keep right on going lol

Keep going and add me too

As an early Xmas gift could u add me!

Wildest day or night ;)????

wow..... thats a hard one. Prolly the one time i ever had a three some with two other women.... it lasted all night and pretty much most of the next day. But it ended up costing me my girlfriend at the time who was one of the girls so thats why ive never done another... but yeah that was my wildest night lol


Would you have sex with a man that has a 10+ inch member?

I already have..... it wasnt easy at first and it still isnt butt he is gentle and knows when he is hurting me and when to stop and when i just dont care and go all out lol....

Women seem to love my girth!

how do you feel about anal? have you ever had more than 1 partner?

My butt is strictly do not enter but i dont mind if a girl plays a little with it.. just around the outside lol...

how many partners have you had at one sitting? (at one time)

The most was a ********* i had with a girlfriend i was with and a good friend of ours... so just me and two others. Its not like the movies its alot of confusion and not knowing who should be doing what when and to who lol

Have you ever sat in front of family or friends and touched yourself with out them knowing it?Like late at night while watching tv in your pjs and just rubbed inconspicuously?

Yepppppp several times. Hehe

ahhh you sexy woman,love for you to write that story!Used to have a chat friend that did that all the time.She would curl up in the corner of her couch under a blanket and would have a cucumber hidden under the blankets. Ok thank you for your answer.

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

Well my biggest thrill is being in public and doing stuff.... doesnt have to be full on sex. Like at a restaurant and my girl getting me off with her hand while i do the same thing or at a public park with lots of people around. Ive done it in the back of a cab and in a elevator inside a hotel in Norfolk Va lol but it was like 3am so the chance of getting caught was pretty slim... lol

how do you shave the pubic hairs on the backside around your brown hole???

I waxed it once and i havent had any grow back that i know of. No one has said anything anyway lol....

How deep is your vagina?

Lol how would i know lol

What is the biggest object/**** which you fit in?