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I have a very naughty side, which has resulted in a little trouble for me more than once or twice in the near past.

I am single now, since October, and obviously that repartee with a lover is missing at this time from my life, so, I am happy to answer questions that some would consider naughty. It would be ok to receive some questions, but I won't respond to very poor questions.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
13 Responses Jan 4, 2013

would you pee into your jeans if your boy loves seeing you naughty like this?
do you like peeing games in general?

What is your most taboo fantasy and/or fetish?
Have you ever had a squirting ******?
Have you ever been caught ************?
details in all please

If we were dating and you thought my manhood was small what would you do, or say?

What is your wildest sexual fantasy?

Do you like mutual ************ ?

what do you enjoy most about sex ???

Would you let someone *** in your mouth?

Do you like to be the dominant one or the submissive one? Or do you like both?

I haven't really thought about it in these senses, I like a man to be a man.

Hi. What kinds of panties you like to wear? Will send what you like. What size you wear? You can send me a message right to me if you want

I especially like very flimsy materials, and I prefer g-strings over all else, and my size, well I'm not sure what the American/English sizes are to compare.

How deep is your vagina?

C'est normale!

Could you fit 10 inches (25 cm)?

Hi. I would love to send you some new panties and maybe couple of your old ones in return?

When will you send them? Which material, which colour?

Surely you would prefer NOT to wear any!

Where is the wildest place you've ever had sex?

Daytime in the woods...

That's adventurous, and a bit dangerous.

when did you your last anal ****?