I'm an open book so ask me anything but the one thing I ask is for you to be creative.
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5 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Will you wear a butt plug while you are in public for me? ;)

Well very nice. I see this is starting to be phun! :) So the next time you are at work or just out and about choose your favorite plug, slide it in your tight little ******* and head out for the day. Let me know all the details of your day. Enjoy!

Have you ever been in a ********?

how many guys?

Ok. It's not your every day chick that can handle five ***** cuming on her at once.

Have you ever listened to your mom having sex? Did you ********** while listening?

Ever snoop for your dad's **** stash or your mom's toys?

what is your favorite or biggest ****** you ever had?

Have you ever gone out in public with a ***** or a vibrator inside your *****! What is better, sex with men or sex with women?

Have you ever had a ********* with a man and a woman?

Are there any fantasies that you are dying to try but haven't yet? Sorry that wasn't real creative.

Lots if fun! I've done that before.