Ask Anything, Literally Anything

Hey, i'm a boy, am 21, i'm gay, i've been alone for a while now, hey am ready for any questions anyone has, i don't mind opening up to new people.
dukedukedevlin dukedukedevlin
22-25, M
8 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Would u be into initiating a straight older guy (me) into giving and receiving anal and oral? Would u wanna be a sub or dominant or would it depend on whether you were giving or receiving?

no i wudnt actually, and im a basically sub

OK, my loss.

i love to **** u n make feel real nice

oh yeah ? =D msg me

r u lonely need someone

:( it's pretty obvious, isnt it ? actually i am ...

did u 2 ****

yeah, i wrote abt it in a confession if u wanna check it out

have u had b/friend.

yeah i did

do u like anal.someone to tease u squeeze your nipples.

never tried nipple squeezin, but i love anal

do u want to have sex

well, i depends on who am gonna have it with :D but in general, YEAH :D haha

Do you often dream about sex just before you wake up?

yeah, i wake up hard a lot, u ?

I'm the one asking questions! :-)

comonn :D