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Sitting in the sun, bored, horny and underwear free.....ask absolutely anything!!
wifeyme wifeyme
41-45, F
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Since you enjoy pain, do you like spankings, flogging and canning? Have you ever experienced pain in a more public forum (like a dungeon?)

Great answers my kind a woman


Have you done Anal ?

Yep, often.

double penetration ?

Yep, with a ***** and my man!

What is the biggest **** you have ever had? was it your best sex?

Hubby is around 9". No not the best sex I've ever had. Not by a long way!!

Thats a perfect size is he cut ?

Wow, thats big! Who was best and why?

No, he's uncut. The best is my current lover...because he knows exactly how to use it!!! And he tastes divine!!

So you are a hotwife? That is sexy! how does hubby like it?

He has a very low sex drive, mine is super high. So he accepts it.

Thats the way it should be! is you lover younger? whats the youngest you would have in bed?

He is younger....but only by 8 months! LOL!! I wouldn't go younger than about 5 years younger than me. No particular reason, I just like guys my own age or older.

I can understand that. what is your favorite position?

Head down, backside up

Mine too! Very sexy, very naughty...
Are you shaved?

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Whats the craziest thing you have done in sex ?

I don't think anything is crazy when it comes to sex! If both of you want to do it, then it's not crazy!!

True. but any wild out door sex. or 2 to 3 **** at one time kind of a thing. some unusual place to have sex

Outdoor sex, yep for sure. Sex in the pool, yep. I only ever have one guy at a time though. I like to make sure he gets all the attention he needs!!!

I prefer one at a time too. pool is i enjoyed the most. forest was fun but not that comfo.

no....too prickly!! lol

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BareBack or protection ?

With my man of the moment, bareback.

Favorite pose to **** in ?

taken from behind. Head down, bum up!

Spit or swallow ?

swallow every time!!!

What fantasy do you have that you would like to realize?

Ooooh, being blindfolded is definitely one. And possibly a *********.

Do you like a good spanking before, during, or after sex?

Any is fine by me!! As long as it's nice and hard!!

For what possible reason are you sitting "underwear free"?

The weather is HOT here!! Too hot for underwear in my opinion!!

I had naughtier reasons in my mind

Ha, ha, ha!!