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bubbblegum bubbblegum
18-21, F
5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Are you going to put anymore pics up ??? I would love to con tribute to your album

maybe im not sure yet no one else send me any pictures back :(

I just put pics up in my profile. No ****. arent they all the same or should I put my **** in there somewhere

yes many times mostly for role play but quite a few times in my old school uniform or at school

Mmmm really? I bet that's a sight to see. Your sexy self being pleasured in that outfit. Even more fun to experience. Everything have sex in public?

yh quite a few times, at the beach in a park, in a pool and in an alley way and a cinema and public toilets the excitement turns me on

Turns me on too. You ever go grocery shopping in a skirt with no panties? If not we can go shopping and I promise you'll be ready to go again. Lol

Have you had sex in a school girl skirt?

yeah i dont believe there should be any racial separation in who you *****

nope i always use protection or the morning after pill