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bubbblegum bubbblegum
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

What have you done with naughty school girls?

what has bubble gum got to do with naughtiness?

i like the naughty school girl scenario and when i think of that i think of short skirts tied up tops and yes blowing bubbles with bubblegum

great - just don't need the bubbles, prefer naughty chewing gum myself :)

What object have you used to ********** with that was never something that was intended to be used to **********?

i've used hairbrushes, lipsticks, pillows, chairs and sofas just to rub on to make it feel really good

sofas and chairs? how are you doing that?

Do you like to pleasure yourself with your fingers or toys?

all the time, i have a variety of different sized butt plugs, vibrators, plain ****** and i do like to use me fingers