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lindapureone lindapureone
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Where is the craziest place you had sex?

would you pee into your jeans if your boy loves seeing you naughty like this?
do you like peeing games in general?

Hi there,
Do you ever wear skirts without panties, hoping to have someone ******* you or with the intention to flash someone? :)

Have you ever had or desired sex from a member of the immediate family, if yes, then with who?

Most favorite or biggest ****** you ever had?

How deep is your vagina?

Yeah, you seem like a shallow and uninteresting person. I have better things to do.

sorry you feel that way :(
Take care xxx

Eh, thanks. I guess you're better than most. Which, surprisingly, means a lot coming from me.

Sorry, I'm not very good at compliments.

by looking at my pictures in gallery, would you rather suck me,**** me,neither or both?

probably both... that is not an invitation!!! Just an observation!

What is one fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

to be with a woman

hi linda, would you enjoy your mouth on a woman's wet *****... with my hard **** up your wet ***** from behind? maybe while your hubby watches??

That is three questions and only the first one I would like :)

Have you talked with your husband about exploring your bi side? Do you think he'd be up for that? I know if my wife wanted to explore that side of her, I would certainly not stand in the way.

I wish he was up for it but he still thinks it's cheating.
Even when we talked about a ********* he didn't like the idea of anyone else being with me :(

I am a 40 yeaar old Thai lady and I am bi. Would you have sex with someone like me?

Absolutely :)

New to EP. Have written recently about disciplining my husband and wanting to increase the level of humilation. Spanking started as foreplay primarily for his benefit. He had initially asked for this. It has evolved into domestic discipline which I enjoy but I now feel more like a mother than a wife. I want to explore new areas. Have read about areas that have some interest for me such as infantalism,humilation and cross-dressing but they don't satisfy my sexual needs. Until redently I had never thought about such topics and don't know how to start. Have been thinking about exploring with others,male and female, though no experience. Until about 6 months ago I had never heard of cuckolding and now the idea makes me extremely wet. Sex with my husband has become almost nonexistent and totally unfulfilling. Any ideas on how to proceed?

sorry Lisa, I don't know anything about cuckolding. I am sure there are many cuckolding groups on EP you could join and find like minded people that way. Hope that helps :)

Thanks. Still figuring out how to find groups and things.

yes Tim, I love to walk around the house naked. I never answered the door naked but one time the postman knocked with a parcel. I had a dressing gown on but nothing underneath - I always sleep naked - and when I was signing for the parcel my dressing gown opened giving the postman a good view. He just laughed and said, 'you'd want to get them straps fixed missus'. I thought that was so funny and we always exchange a smile whenever we meet.

do you only play naughty games with ladies?

Well, I am married so technically, no, i also play with my husband :). I am happy with everything my husband gives me and right now i'm looking to explore my bi/lesbian side. You are a gentleman to ask though. thanks peejay :)

well, you said we could ask, so I thought it was worth a polite enquiry. Thanks for your honest answer!