Fire Away

Hi I'm Evie and I'm new here

I'm ready to be questioned!
TheWomanWhoxxx TheWomanWhoxxx
31-35, F
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Have you ever squirted and if so was it with toys, fingers or ****? Answer could be all of the above of course.

would you pee into your jeans if your boy loves seeing you naughty like this?
do you like peeing games in general?

What is the longest you have been naked? Have you done any traveling in the car naked?

Since you like flashing your panties, have you ever tried flashing your *****?

Not yet x

How loud are you in bed?

Apparently I snore like a pig...
Or did you mean something else?

Something else! So if you did snore,I'd have to wake you and you could do something to help me sleep perhaps....

what would you like?

Maybe you could play with me for a bit, although I'm sure before too long I'd just have to be inside you for tired but needy sex! What do you wear in bed? Same as we were discussing for during the day?

usually just a smile xxx

No underwear for me to stroke and take off you slowly?

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What age did you lose your virginity???

Eighteen first week at uni

That's hot. Find a, **** a, Fresher!

have you ever tried sex when desperate to wee?

Oddly no.

Would you like to? Supposed to be more intense.

hi evie,
would you like a man in a wheelchair see and play with your breasts, or would you go without a bra a around him for a day?


The wheelchair isn't an issue. If I fancied him yes.

let's see, shaved or natural? spit or swallow? favorite position?

natural, swallow, on my back with my legs up near my shoulders

Have you or ever wanted to enjoy an incestuous relationship?

Only child limits this fantasy. I can't say I've thought about it.

Ok I've thought about it. No.

Thought some more. Would if it felt right.

Thanks for your honesty .... the "No" went to a .....hmmmmmm ... feelings do have a lot to do with it .... two consenting adults .... with feelings, who should dictate how they handle it .... only those two!!

You look very pretty in the blurred picture, not too blurred :now that my imagination is perved proven. Do you enjoy receiving oral sex ; giving. If a guy that loves giving and has and you two come to the point were he has had a very good ****** and is going soft fast and prone to get sleepy but you are not done but close (you know that" you better not stop yet I don't care what you do") Do you get demanding orforceful to get your nut or say better luck next time?

Er? Sorry confused. I like giving and receiving. If he's gonna fall asleep ill do it myself!

sorry I should proof read.I'm on my s3 trying to Swype . it's not auto spacing. it's like me ,we give blondes a bad name. I was basically asking if you ever get demanding when it comes to your ******. Are you forgiving ifhe's premature. or quits too soon.

I'm understanding x

I would like to know your eye color. Canyadig it?! (:

Blue Master_S

simply, alluring..

do you go braless, and do your breasts rub??

Sometimes but I find it a bit jiggly!

re-write, would you go braless for a man in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy and let him enjoy them?

only if i was his friend and it felt right at the time.

Do you enjoy anal sex?

I've never tried it? Do you think I should?