Pillow Or Not

Another **** diver. Sometimes I'm embarrassed that I would go down on any gal ,anytime ,, any position she likes best. Under the table while she has breakfast lunch. .... my favorite is in bed with a pillow under her bum and two or more under her head so she could see and latch on to guide (if necessary) ha..... mostly so she could hold on. Like in the rodeos, only longer than eight minutes. Because I'm taking her on a tour of the galaxy and I hear its bigger than a Texas ego. I love when her thighs lock on but not when she holds just out of reach too long. But if I get to start again no prob. I wish more girls would stay eat me as much as guys claim they say I told her to suck me and it worked. I'm going to have to calm down or slap salami. I'm not submissive really, but the thought of being called over and out of the have my head grabbed, pushed down and hear her say get busy. Or better, I'll tell you when. Daayuummm.... excuse me. ... I'll be back in a few with a question of what to do with the mess I'll probably make. .....
Kentex Kentex
56-60, M
Jan 23, 2013