Please Ask

I love people asking me about my naughty life.
sexysis1993 sexysis1993
18-21, F
9 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Is co..-size important for you?

Do you squirt when you **********?

I have just a handful of times. It has to be really really good.

Did you ever figure out what makes you do it "just a handful of times"? Is it the intensity, or what?

Whats your biggest or favorite ****** you ever had?

Biggest is a black gut I know. Best is my brother

Oh wow, care to share those experiences?

Do you want to received an enema from a stranger until you poop in front of him??

Never pooped during sex

Do u like fat guys

Depends on the guy.

Have you had a daddy in your life for sex yet?

My daddy, yea

Have you ever had nawty pics taken of you and do or did you share them?

I have, but i dont show online


Have you tied spanking and anal?

Tried ooppps

I like anal, spanking has its moments

Cool everything is worth trying once and if you like it then can do more. Add me please.

What would you like to try that are afraid or embaresed to do?

As of right now, i actually do not believe there is anything...

That's awesome!!

I do what i want ;)