Ask me anything you want, I will answer honestly. Please keep in mind I am Bisexual, have kids and a boyfriend.

(if you wanna know what I look like go look at my pics)
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
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I want to be taken in so many ways by you.

Sounds fun to me!

I want to feel you on top of me.

Mmmmmmmm baby! Please!

Now I want to get naked!

Mmmmmmmmmm come get naked with me ol man!

You won't laugh will you?

I will when you tickle me lol

Oh and you will be tickled without mercy!

Mmmmmmmmmm baby! You know i like it!

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Have you ever had sex with or wanted a close relative to **** you?

No, but i had a uncle who wanted me and wouldn't take no for an answer

did he rape you or did you give in to his wishes?

He molested me

how old were you?

I was 14 almost 15

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What's the most passionate thing a lover has done with/for/to you. You can choose one of the 3 options if you want.

I'm not sure how to answer this...... I will as soon as i figure it out.

haha, sounds good.

Not really, my relationships have not been that good.


Yea i know

You gotta tell me when though. :p lol

I'm not sure, that's my problem.

Ah, well either way, I hope you do have some passionate experiences. ;P


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what is your bra size??? do u keep ur ***** natural,trimmed or shaved??? how old were u the 1st time anyone ever came in ur ***** and who and how old were they??? have u ever done anything tabooo?????

40DD, my ***** is shaved, I was 14 he was 14 and he was my first real bf. what do you consider taboo?

i consider taboo to be teasing ,fooling around or taking it all the way with someone u know ur not really supposed to be doing anything with..................

Yea then i do taboo all the time lol

thats so hot tell me about the taboo ur doing all the time and who ur doing it with???

Will post stories about it later lol!

cant wait 2 read them would u plz give me a quick preview

Go read my sub story lol

ok brb

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do you have 3somes

I have in the past and have no plans to stop lol

wow nice never have but sure would like to try!

Lol most guys feel that way lol

your dam right LOL

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