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QueenRenny QueenRenny
31-35, F
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What is one sexual fantasy you have that you would really like to fulfill?

What was is your favorite sexual experience and why? And we want details :)

Would you take a picture of your breast and send them to a man so he can ********** to it!

do u **********

wats ur fav sex position

doggy style

thats my fav too, do u love oral

if i have to then i'll do it

how many guys u been wid in bed

just 2

hmmm, seems u have not been used properly, is it so?

ha ha ha... what do you mean??

lol, i mean did u got enuf of ur sexual apetite fulfilled or not yet

ha ha.. i'm not that slutty, i just have sex if my boyfriend ask me ;p

i never takes the initiative, just when he ask

it's embarassing for a woman to ask sex for the first time

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how often u having sex these days

one time every 2 days

so do u have regular sex partner these days?

my boyfriend


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Would you agree to an enema from a man you hadn't met in person yet? And yes, this is an offer...

ha ha.. now this is interesting..
hmm... it will be embarassing but honestly i feel a little bit exciting about it