Dirty, Sexy, Horny, Housewife....

Im very open minded, always looking to try something new.... but have also tried many things...

What would you like to know?


NymphoBiChickee NymphoBiChickee 26-30, F 152 Responses Jan 7, 2010

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what would you like the most? kiss on neck or on butt?

Are you ever open the front Door totally nude? If yes,, to who? Or ever be only one nude anywhere and all others dressed?Or maybe serve drinks to friends nude? Or any shame or embarrasing situation where you were nude ?

Sex with another woman or a family member???

Any chance you might be near Atlanta, Ga?

How often do you **********? If so how do you like to do it?

Would you ever have an **** with the same-sex?
Have you ever seen any of your friends naked?
Have you ever seen a male family member naked?

When was your last and were you alone or with a partner?

I wanna know what you can take??? Have you ever stretched your holes to absolute limit.? You tried ******* your ***?

What was the most surprising thing that you tried ?

What is your kinkiest fantasy?
Would you like to sex chat, message me.

Would you pee on me and let me lick your nice wet ***** afterwards?

Do you think it's wrong that I post nude pictures of myself on my EP stories?


Have you ever had chain?

How many guys have you been with? ;)

did have ever ******** ?

If you happened to be out on a walk, say in a park, or by a lake or something, and you happened to stumble on a guy ************. He doesn't see you there. Would you turn and walk away, or would you stay and watch him? Add me, I'd love to chat/get acquainted. Thanks.

I wanna know if I have a chance in hell of getting my wife to lemme do her and another woman ? She has many bi curious gf and its just her holding up the freaky! Lol

Do you understand you are suppose to answer the questions?

Would you ever let a man spank you then finger you?

When was the last time you had an org.asm and were you alone or with a partner?

Would you try this? Want to be friends?

would you let a stranger you made naughty eye contact with feel you up and possibly slip his his **** into you in a secluded public place ?

How many dicks have you had at one time? Do women ever think of more than one man as men often fantasize of more than one woman? Is it wrong that I want my beautiful loving and faithful wife to experience having all the men a woman could ever imagine? I know for a woman it is different than for a man and potentially violating, but, I often fantasize about equality and seeing my wife man IN her, one in her mouth and one in each hand as they suck upon her breasts. My goal and hope...ultimate discreet event that NO ONE but her and I know about. Her having the ultimate control, not pleasuring all these men, but instead pleasuring herself with them at HER mercy. Her feeling every desirable man to her and taking advantage of them. She is not bi or interested in the least of women although she will compliment a woman with a hot body. Is it just my fantasy of wanting to see her have her way with men and pleased, or do women actually enjoy being in control of more than one man?

I seen women take three men at same time on took both at same time up her arse n in her ***** you know how dirty they are when they beg for more n turn to each other with strap on ****** n *** each other while. The room they both in is empty n doror was left open. I can't say who they were but even now I know it's regular thing with these two women n Some guys keepin them busy n when they're not available they stick to each other n ain't shy when they havin a bit together. Two dirty bery sirty n slutty ******* I am on bout......

whats the best experience you've had in the bedroom ???

Do you prefer bareback or condom sex?

Do you enjoy the sex or the mental stimulation most

Is it better in the *** that *****?

Would u facesit me under ur *** while I suck and clean ur pusdy dry

Your complete medical and gynolagical history