Count Me In Too.

I'll challenge all the men and women too to ask me anything they couldn't ask of their partners. You can't embarass me or put me off by your question. Anything goes!

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will you msg me?

What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

Do you know what kegles are and do you do them?

I don't have a cam. I chat with others online. I love men to watch me while I **********. I esp like it when they are do it too.

OK. I like big men. 10 +" of horney man. My husband likes to fist me when we get really hot. I also have been DP vaginally by my hubby and another partner.

hello there, ,Do you like to show on cam or chat , and do you like to have someone watch as you **********. thanks hope to hear back from you

I tink its a ten inch *****

Sorry Kelp I don't understand your question.

I have tried anal several times both when I've had a lot to drink. My hubby is always wanting me to try it more but I just cant get into it when it causes me discomfort. A few other times I've been really horney and wanted him to try but both times he had a bit to drink and couldn't get his little friend hard enough to get it in. ! lol!

George the most were 4. We go to a swingers club once in a while. Once there I usually find someone whom I'm interested in. This time there was more than one. :-)

Do you get *** ******?

I don't usually let other men *** in me. I would have to say I prefer having a man wear a condom. With that said I was having a foursome with my husband and blk men a while back in a hotel room. Everyone was wearing one...and after we all had *** guy looked at me wanting to have another go...looked down at his erect, unprotected penis, looked back at me...i just smiled looking at him and we both just started ******* there in front of everyone...unprotected. He came real hard in me. I felt his *** *********** in my vagina. I loved it. Made my husband real hot seeing this. I'll probly try this again in the future esp if I know the man. I also love it when a guy **** on my breasts or in my mouth. I really like the taste of most men.