See If You Can Get Me To Blush, Ask Me Anything.

Ask anything, just keep it interesting.

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Ever been ******/fingered in public?

Have you ever played with yourself outside?

Have or do you ever pee in ur panties.

have you ever had anal sex???

Yes. A Big Horn! Ha! X

One time at band camp did you put a musical instrument in your *****?

If I petted your ***** would it purr or hum?

If you are out without panties...would you let someone see your ***** on purpose?

have you ever had your ***** licked under a resturant table or whats the most naughty flash you ever done , if I was with you I would love to eat you under a table

Do you fart in front of your lover or do they fart in front of you?

Sad to admit, but I am human, and yes we do :=(

do you know what ballbusting is

Have you ever rubbed your ***** on a bedpost to get off?

Will you please add me?

Hi there u look like a real naughty girl that needs a good spanking am I right lol spnkbooty :)



Do you like a shaved or hairy *****? And what do yu have at the moment?

Bald is the only way to go. No hair for me, and if she has any it will not be there long if we date.

you're so hot<br />
please add me on your friends list

Can you post nude pics of you for me to seeā€¼

Are you people serious??? The lady has said...... maybe 6 times....that she is not into being with a guy....I assume that would also mean not into being with several guys.... wow.... I think she suggested you try and make her blush....not bang her head on the desk in frustration...

would you ever take a guy with a *******

I was just wondering how you handle your natural lubricants when you are out in public, get aroused and then the juices seep out onto a barstool, chair, etc? Not that they are toxic or anything, but has that ever happened to you and what do you do about it. I know some girls leave wet spots on my rear motorcycle seat. Some of the braver ones don't apoligize for the goo. One just smiled sweetly and said, sorry, the engine vibrations made it happen." Talk about erotic!!

What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

do women (you) like to be fisted? does it make you feel horny thinking about a girlfriend putting her whole fist in your *****? then licking her hand and fingers clean.......have you ever tried?

Have you ever been watched having sex in public?

wow so pinkish and nice to look at hhmmm very lucky man your boyfriend ha well i hope ill be your friend and you will add me somehow,thanks

if i knew you would you **** me? or would u scream with pleasure or pain if i raped you?

what age did you first experience and ****?

Julia thats a tack-o-graph I think; Its a bit confusing seeing as how only Guys are taking up Abbi's offer but the technical phrase we are looking for here is is vagina. A lot of gay women I know seemed to change their minds in their late 30's, a woman's prerogative I am told. I have no doubt that all love is good love but in a lot of cases this just seems like a stunted thing to me.

have some one ever fingered u really hard?

The first "taco" I had was when I was 18 or 19 traveling abroad. I had heard about it and read a little about it and finally found this beautiful blonde Australian to guide me through it. There was no real taste but the texture was incredible and the reaction I got was over the top. I've come to prefer it over just about anything else. Relationship? It was a vacation fling but we kept in touch for years afterwards in anticipation that something would work out for us to see each other again. It never has.

My question is,<br />
<br />
What was the first taco as you put it that you were able to enjoy?<br />
What was the relationship for you like?<br />
Did you expect to like it as much as you did?<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

Hi Abbi,<br />
I understand you are into tacos, not tube steak, and I totally understand. Although I prefer tacos, I ocassionally get a big rush going down the path less traveled. I should wirte a small story about this but I'll share a bit here. <br />
<br />
Once I had this gf who was very experimental. She fed me a nice and lite dinner one evening and invited me into her bedroom and sat on the floor. She undressed me and told me to clean up in her bathroom and make sure I paid special attention to my *******. She sent me back after I came out and told me to put a soapy washcloth up it and scrub. I had no idea what was going on. Being the curious guy I am, I complied and returned in great anticipation. Don't get me wrong I prefer eating tacos over anything else but she brought out this huge double headed monster "C*c*". She first had me lay back and pull my legs up over my head. She then put her tongue in me. It was my first experience like this and I was un-nerved at first but it felt so so good. She then lubed up the monster and started inserting it in me and asked me to hold it in place once she got the huge head in. She then put the other twin side into herself. She proceeded to challenge me to see who could get the most inside themself. We came together physically and rubbed each other with the monster in our backsides until we truly "came" together.<br />
<br />
My question is this. Have you ever experimented outside of your comfort zone. My comfort zone was truly expanded on this experience, but it felt so good and I'd love to do it again some day. I moved over 1500 miles from the particular gf. ;-(<br />
<br />
And, BTW, I'd love for you to invite me into your world of "friends". Cheers... Jay

What tastes better, shaved or smooth kitty?

your a very special woman these questions are strange

Do you like the feeling of ************ while your mother is in your room talking to you? has she ever seen you do it? :)

have you ever or would you ever use a ******* on a man?<br />
Have you ever or would you ever have a bi mmf threeway? How do you feel about bi men?

I nderstand yo prefer the "taco" (So do I) do you allow salami's into your circle to enjoy you?

In other words will you add me please so I can sit back and watch?

It's no wonder this chick doesn't do 'salami', with what some of you freaks are asking. Sad cases are probably mid aged social introverts who've only ever had sex with their hands. And end up being the Josef Fritzl's of the world.

Thank You

Nicely put, should bring meaning to these people

would you go around town sucking through a glory hole men have to pay for while you and your girlfriend enjoy a double ender for a couple hours? no pic no videos.

Got any videos of you out shopping with no panties on? <br />
and do you care if you have visible camel toe when you wear spandex, If i could see your pictures it would be nice, I can't click and see anyones pictures Why?

HI abbi,<br />
<br />
Have you ever weared something revealing or totally sheer in public?

I've just read through this strand. That makes a lot of questions you haven't answered yet. On the other hand, to be fair, you didn't actually say you were going to supply

Miss Abbi,<br />
I have a naughty question I would like to ask you. Have you ever made a guy pay for sex?<br />
Thank you for allowing me to ask.<br />

have you ever eaten a couple bowls of beans and sat on your lovers face and didnt let them up till your stomach was done cramping? ;)

I have not, an will not have a **** . I am not bi, I prefer the toco to the salami as I put in one of my post before. I will use, and exploit men if need be.

Sorry guys, I'm a taco only fan, no salami for me.

hey we got that in common lol

At what age did you take your first ****?

pink or brown abbi?

what is the largest thing you have had in your *****?

great picture abbi

My mother told me to shave when she noticied that I was getting pubes. I shaved untill I had all the electolosis done. Now it is a weekly touch-up (for free :).

What's the greatest number of people to see you naked simultaneously?