Ask Me Whatever You Want

I get guys e-mailing me the whole time asking me questions anyway so I might as well answer in one of these forums. Ask away.

Girlyflirt Girlyflirt
18-21, F
21 Responses Feb 20, 2010

How big are your boobs?

Hi Girlyflirt... I was just wondering if your ***** is shaved and what is your favourite g-string colour??? Also, How big are your ****??? Kisses babe...

How many guys have you had sex with?

I feel like a berated child for not responding to your questions thanks to Redmaple so here goes:

Nudydude – yes on about a million occasions read the stories I post.

Xcaffeine – I think I first did it after seeing a girl in Playboy sporting a Brazilian and I thought it looked hot so I gave it a try.

Reggie19667 – crude but yes. I often seem to find myself in *** skimming attire and without underwear… 17

Kenny9990 – no comment.

Nakedtim – actually had never done it until I read your question… maybe I’ll tell you about how it went sometime.

Everlast82 – sounds fun, but I get enough of that craziness without going to any specialist parties. Thanks for the offer but my boyfriend is an avid photographer.

Rdnckramnosd – I like my g-strings with just the string I don’t like any fabric at the back. I’m going to ignore your second question.

Swl2jo – good question, I have no idea – a lot.

Funtimedon – I have a number of perfectly good vibrators.

9Emeraldgreen – not going to happen!

Redmaple – you satisfied!?

Ptbw66su9p – no way.

Mrknkythesecond – please I’m not having that conversation.

You really won't let us see at least one pic, even if it's just to see how you look like‼

What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

What's the greatest number of people to see you naked at the same time?

do you like t-string back or triangle back g-strings better and dose the rear string cover your anus completely or just the opening?

You should try some lifestyle parties... I've been to some where some women do nothing more than dance and ***** for the crowd. This would be a great way to live out your exhibitionism fantasies, without dealing with all the sleaze. Have you ever been to a lifestyle party? (If you want to know more about them, send me a PM)<br />
Also, have you ever considered being photographed while making love to your BF? I am an erotic photographer, and have done this for several couples before, young and old alike.

You sound like a real woman to me. That's what a like a woman not a girl or one that wants a guy to be a "friend". You want a man not a boy. Great lady.

Has your boyfriend ever shared you? Would you like him to?

do you like it when a man **** down your throat? when you wear a miniskirt do you go without panties? when did you lose your viriginty?

Bubkent – I’ve never added an extra person to my relationship and I don’t think I’d want to it would make things really complicated. I do enjoy making love when I know people are watching me though and stripping off in front of other people, but I always want to end the night with my boyfriend. In terms of role playing that is a massively important part of my relationship. I enjoy acting so dressing up in a saucy outfit and acting out as a totally different person is a lot of fun.<br />
Frigidday – not sure what you’re asking here? Are you asking where I like a guy to ***? Personally I like it inside me whether it is in my mouth, beaver or anyway...<br />
Brightonbill – Good question! I have a number of sexual fantasies virtually all of which revolve around two themes exhibitionism and submission. I often fantasize about being naked in front of people and generally it involves some degree of submissiveness on my part, even if that is just because I’m on complete display and everyone else is clothed. For example I’ve often fantasized about being a ********. Now I wouldn’t want to be a ******** for real because of all the sleazy guys but in my fantasy the club is full of hot, young guys and I’m the main attraction.

What is your naughtiest recurring sexual fantasy?

Got a two part question for you! When Steve ****, where do you best like him to leave his load? Secondly, where is Steve's favorite place to leave it? ;)

From the sounds of it, your sex life is great. Have you ever spiced it up though by doing more spontaneous things like role playing or have an extra partner?

Hi Guys<br />
Vwbus – I wouldn’t worry unduly about size. For a guy to be good in bed he has to be good at more than just, to put it crudely, ******* me. <br />
**** – (1) Average size is fine (2) My boyfriend only has pubic hair above his member, his balls etc are shaved I like that (3) As you can probably see from the groups I’m a member of I love doggystyle. It’s very primal and enables my man to pull my hair, spank me and generally dominate me (4) My boyfriend loving me completely (5) Don’t they? I think it’s totally the other way. I’m actually quite surprised from conversations with my girlfriends how many of them have done the latter. From my position all I’ll say is my boyfriend can do anything he wants with me. <br />
Pre – no and no. This is about experiences and I’m not posting any pics etc. <br />
Christina – guys dressing up in woman’s clothes doesn’t do anything for me. Neither does me dominating a guy. I like a man to be a man and dominate me. <br />
Jay – as above I don’t really get off on dominating guys. I like to be dominated. <br />
Steve – my boyfriend is older than me and I love being dominated by him.

Would like to be dominated by an older man


would you humilated a boyfriend sexualy if you knew he liked it??

Hi, just would like to say you look beautiful in your pic. But any way to get to the point 1) what is the perfect penis size/size range for most women? 2.) should men be shaven,trimmed, or natural 3) what is you favorite sex position/which position gets you off more than any other 4) what is your biggest turn on 5) why don't most women do bj's or anal? Sorry that's a lot to answer they r just sone things I have always wondered