Ask me what you want. I am curious as to what people want to know. I am not easily offended.

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What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

No, Ive never had an affair. Ive thought about it though.


I would tie the hands & feet to the headboard & footboard. Then I would start to tease him until I saw he was getting hot & excited. Then I would kiss him & go down on him. When he is about to blow I would stop, tease some more, and then hop on for a ride ;) Maybe even sit on his face & untie his hands.

If you had your very own sex slave for just one hour...anything goes...what would you do/have done?

I dont know about the pantyhose. If I was going to play "dress up" I think I would have him wear workpants, work boots & a hard hat. I am a pretty tiny woman and like to feel overpowered by a man in bed.