I Dare You

I dare you to ask me any question you want....... I'm waiting!

jennygirl111 jennygirl111
18-21, F
42 Responses Feb 26, 2010

if you were at the laundrymat and a stranger walked up and asked you to sell him the panties you were wearing would you sell them ?

What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

Will you let me **** all your holes ;) xx

If it involves the ***, I'll pass....<---words to live by

Ah but I can **** the other 2 ;)

dare you to pla a lot lizard and take pic

would you mutually ********** with a bloke old enough to be your grandfather???


Have you ever been into water sports?

nah. But I would try em

Have been tied and gagged and played with, used ?


1. nastiest thing you've ever done?<br />
2. do you sext?

1.do even get me started.

hi, love to know how old you were when you first made love and did you both ***. xxxxxxxxxx

14. yes

Would you **** a complete stranger like me?

Depends on the time and the place ;)

have you ever or would you ever use a ******* on a man?<br />
Have you ever or would you ever have a bi mmf threeway? How do you feel about bi men?

I love bi men... In my personal opinion bi men are better than straight men!! :) so yes I'm down

@sexgod69<br />
1. Submissive<br />
2. C or D depending on the bra<br />
3. Im from NYC <br />
4. I have had sex with a teacher once<br />
5. Youngest 16 but we were both around that age. Oldest was 32, i think.<br />
6. I have done all that u have listed<br />
7. I'll tell u later ;)

If I did a ***** tease for you and you could do anything you wanted to me once I was naked, what would be the first thing you would do?

1. are you submissive or dominant?<br />
2. what size are your ****<br />
3. where are you from?<br />
4. ever had (or wanted) sex with a teacher, any relative, friend of parents, etc?<br />
5. oldest/youngest youve been with<br />
6. what kinks/fantasies do you have or done? gang bang, public display, bondage<br />
7. whats your screen name? (can reply privately)<br />
<br />
im 26, toned, 9 inch ****, white, and could keep you entertained for awhile if you want to chat, i dare you ;)

@dcnsn <br />
if its a really sexy session then too many times then necessary!! :P

@runforurlifemf <br />
yes i have had anal.

@Kolinahr <br />
no i have never been caught ************

@reggie19667 <br />
you have a lot of questions soo ill try to answer them all <br />
1. 17 <br />
2. yes <br />
3. top <br />
4.yes <br />
5. i swallow <br />

@ep09 <br />
my favorite was the first time i kissed a girl ,which just happened in the locker room... <br />
I also gave my first blow job in the locker room (when no one was around of course)

@ep09 <br />
my favorite was the first time i kissed a girl ,which just happened in the locker room... <br />
I also gave my first blow job in the locker room (when no one was around of course)

@xcaffeine i first shaved (down there) at 14 and it was because of locker rooms and such

Will you add me so i can see the pictures on your profile?

i dare you to stick a vibrator in your ***** and send me a pic of you doing that

when did you lose your viriginty do you like doggie style do you prefer top or bottom do you like to suck **** would you prefer to swallow or have me *** on your face do you like to be ****** up the ***

Have you ever had anal? If not are you open to the idea? Why am I not one of your friends? lol

@jeffsspsu <br />
Hahahaha nice try....but....NO <br />

floridabreeze: <br />
Anywhere as long as I have fun!! <br />
<br />
rrhopely: <br />
My Panties Are usually lacy or something sexy. I usually buy stuff from Victoria Secret, and my bras usually match my panties. <br />
<br />
Grin32: <br />
I used to ********** a lot, but I don't really do that very often anymore.

Do you ********** and how often?<br />
<br />
Would you ever try pee play or wetting your jeans?

I love when two guys fight over me, and it depends on who the winner is

Whats your most extreme wildest fantasy?<br />
<br />
And would you do it with me? hah

would you enjoy two guys fighting over you and would you do the winner

hotfire1621 : <br />
Here are just a few things I have tried.. <br />
I have been tied up <br />
I have been whipped <br />
lots of different foreplay <br />
I have also tried different roleplays

what kinky thing have you try please list kinky thing please

Supercharg3d: <br />
I'm pretty good with all options.

How many ******* have experienced in a sexy session? dc

what is your limit one on one or MFM or FMF or FMFM? or are all good with you?

Reply to christinagizelle: <br />
I am a little kinky but I would not be turned on if a guy was to wear my Panyhose, I guess that kind of thing doesn't really turn me on.

vwbus: <br />
Average size is fine with me <br />
<br />
carriewpd: <br />
i definitely wasn't good this weekend ;)

Are you going to be a good girl this weekend?

My kinda girl.

What would it take me to get naked... <br />
1) a room <br />
2) a guy

What would it take to get you naked?