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I would love to share my naughty secrets with you - the question is: who's going to ask the right questions? I promise to reply to all questions honestly :)

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Have you ever had an accidents in your panties?

Mail / msn ... <br />
Mail/ msg me

What kind of household items or veggies have you used as a *****?

Hi Alison, I noticed that you like wetting & watersports, among other things. Would you add me as your friend? Perhaps we could chat sometime? <br />
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I hope my future partner is open to trying things like wetting, etc. I'm looking for some general advice on how to bring up that subject with a future lady. If you were getting to know a guy, and one of the things he was into is pee, how/when would be the right way to suggest that to you? Or would you take the first step? Thanks :)

Hi there, I saw your profile and read some of your experiences and find them very exciting. Have you considered to play with dogs and how far would you go with them? Seems like you are into watersports too, did you let a guy pee in your mouth yet? would that gross you out or get you turned on?<br />
If you do chat sometimes let me know where to find you, I´d love to talk sometimes and hear more about you.

Have you ever *********** on cam for a man or woman. and If not would you like to. let me know ,,thats a big fantsay of mine. I think watching a woman touch herself is so hot.

have you had any experiences with women, and, if not yet, would you. peeing, sex, whatever

Frigidday: I love having a man *** in my mouth and I do swallow although I don't really enjoy the taste all that much. I just love knowing I have the power to bring a guy to climax and give him pleasure... or not :) I do enjoy giving BJ's quite a lot, but not if the guy just wants to **** my mouth. I prefer to be in control and use my mouth to pleasure him. That being said, it is nice every now and then to just be violated lol... guess I'm a girl of contradictions.

Hi Alison,<br />
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So do enjoy letting a man *** in your mouth? If so, do you spit or swallow? ;)

hornymatrixxx: absolutely! Sometimes I can get a bit rough though when I'm close to *******, rubbing myself against them and humping their faces. I love to feel a tongue in me when I'm *******!!

hi do u like men to suck your ***** and *** in there mouths

Hi george: I guess I am at heart although my mothers strict upbringing makes me a little hesitant some times! :D Not too many public nude experiences I'm afraid. I flashed my top at a rock concert a few times, I went a bookstore without any underwear and flashed my previous bf a few times. Other than that I'm usually only naked at home, around the garden sometimes. Naked sex outside is pretty fun though :D<br />
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redblackvoyeur30: Well I did force one of my previous bf's to wear my panties and bra and a skirt once or twice - I think he was torn between being turned on and feeling ashamed. Its definitely something I'm interested in, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. I would like to use a stap-on on a guy tho. could never convince my bf to try that

Have you ever had sex with a guy wearing panties, hose and a bra?

oneball: no I haven't, but I would love to. I have wet myself a few times (once during a dare with a bunch of school friends when I was about 14) and recently a few times on purpose, but never with a partner - it's so hard to find people willing to try this stuff.<br />
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Snookybear: wow, I have so many! probably at the moment one that combines several of my fantasies - so being dressed up like a little school girl with pigtails in cotton undies and sitting on my "Daddy's" lap and peeing all over him while he's inside me and then feeling him pee inside of me. <br />
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I have several others though - I've got quite a wicked imagination :)

What is your most sensual and/ or erotic fantasy?

Have you ever peed on a guy or in his mouth or would you.

that depends on hot hot you are ;) email me if you wanna chat about it -<br />
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just put RustyZipper in teh subj so I know its you :)

Will you be my little girl and let me pee in and all over you?

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