That's What I Love So Much

to learn and to discover something new every single day!!! Of course I love to learn new sexual things too so we must talk about it guys... I love to answer any kidn of question and I hope to meet people as openminded as I am.

I love to watch deep inside your naughty soul and I will get more intrigued by you as much as you intrigued me with your answers... for that reason it will be my pleasure to let you watch deep inside my naughty soul too, I'm not just a naked guy on the net! ;)

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

A) Why are Italian females the most sexiest girls in the world - or aren't they? ;)<br />
B) What is your best Italian pick-up line?<br />
C) When do you plan to visit Canada? :D

I saw you plan to "I Live On An Island In the Caribbean" so I thought about something naughty I could ask you about the Caribbean. Let's assume you would spent the rest of your life on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, but you were just allowed to take one of this things with you. Which one would it be and why? Your girlfriend, a book about how to build a raft or two Lesbians? ;-)